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Graham Humphrey
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EAB/Lemon Super League 2016: Schedule and Changes

Although it doesn't get underway until next month, we've been discussing next year's league, and have taken onboard some feedback which we received in the voting towards the end of the season.

We've decided to mix things up slightly and introduce some different rounds next year. As you'll see, we've now got two 'theme' rounds in. Provisionally, we've gone for one being film licences only, and the other one being coin-op conversions. We shouldn't be restricted to conventional ideas though, and ideas like 'only vote for games reviewed in a certain issue of a magazine', 'vote for games with a certain colour for the main character' have been mooted... just to mix things up a bit. We'll change the themes every year.

The other idea we've introduced are two mystery rounds. These are both at the end of both halves of the season, and during each period before the voting takes place (i.e. rounds 1-5 and round 8-12) each player who submits at least one score for at least one game for that half of the season can nominate two games of their choice (via PM, probably) that they haven't played before or aren't really familiar with (this still discounts games already played in the competition). Then when the voting starts, we'll announce the entire pool of games nominated and the voting can only be for those games.

This means Round 14 will no longer be an Open Round, but we still have three, and as games from old seasons are becoming eligible for voting again, that probably lessens the impact of that.

Talking of which, a reminder that the 11 games played in the 2009 season that haven't been subsequently played again since in Open Rounds will also be back 'in play' for voting in regular rounds too.

So here's the 2016 schedule: (Double rounds in bold)

Leg 1 [Rounds 1-7]
Jan 03 - Jan 16: Round One voting
Jan 17 - Feb 06: Round One
Jan 17 - Jan 30: Round Two voting [Open Round]
Feb 07 - Feb 27: Round Two [Open Round + winner of R1 picks 2nd game]

Feb 07 - Feb 20: Round Three voting [Theme: Coin-Op Conversions]
Feb 28 - Mar 19: Round Three [Theme: Coin-Op Conversions]
Feb 28 - Mar 12: Round Four PD voting
Mar 20 - Apr 09: Round Four [Special Round 1: PD Games]

Mar 20 - Apr 02: Round Five voting
Apr 10 - Apr 30: Round Five
Apr 10 - Apr 23: Round Six voting [Open Round]
May 01 - May 21: Round Six [Open Round]
May 01 - May 14: Round Seven voting [Mystery Round]
May 22 - Jun 11: Round Seven [Mystery Round]

Leg 2 [Rounds 8-14]
Jun 19 - Jul 02: Round Eight Year voting
Jul 03 - Jul 23: Round Eight [Special Round 2: Year]

Jul 03 - Jul 16: Round Nine voting
Jul 24 - Aug 13: Round Nine
Jul 24 - Aug 06: Round Ten voting [Open Round]
Aug 14 - Sep 03: Round Ten [Open Round]
Aug 14 - Aug 27: Round Eleven voting [Theme: Film Licences]
Sep 04 - Sep 24: Round Eleven [Theme: Film Licences]
Sep 04 - Sep 17: Round Twelve Alphabet voting
Sep 25 - Oct 15: Round Twelve [Special Round 3: Alphabet + winner R11 picks 2nd game]

Sep 25 - Oct 08: Round Thirteen voting
Oct 16 - Nov 05: Round Thirteen
Oct 16 - Oct 29: Round Fourteen voting [Mystery Round]
Nov 06 - Nov 26: Round Fourteen [Mystery Round]
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I really like these changes. Should make things more interesting
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Graham Humphrey
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Thanks for the feedback

I think we had got to the point where the competition had been going for so long, we needed to freshen it up a bit.

One thing I forgot to mention is that we were thinking of replacing the Year special round, as it has a bit of a limited shelf-life, but I'm a bit stumped as to a suitable replacement. I think we've got enough to run it for one more season, though, so plenty of time to come up with something else.
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Originally Posted by john1979 View Post
I really like these changes. Should make things more interesting
The same here. I am looking forward to the mystery rounds because they seem to be a real mix-up
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Graham Humphrey
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Thanks mailman, that's two happy customers!

Maybe I should stick this thread to ensure everyone sees it All info will be added to the Rules/FAQ thread soon anyway.
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Add another happy customer to the list.. some cool ideas there, looking forward to it!
The movie round should be a cracker
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