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Once again: What's my A1200 worth nowadays?

Considering selling my trusty old A1200 with the following specs:

rev. 1D4 (not recapped)
1230IV@50Mhz with 64MB no fpu
new floppy drive, new UK keyboard
Kipper2k external angled pcmcia adapter
8GB cf with pfs3
5A psu (A500)
case has seen better days

What would you pay for this?

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An A1200 (in good condition) will sell quickly for around €150, the Blizzard 1230 also for €150. The CF card, adapter and PSU aren't particularly high value but they do complete the system, making it easier to sell.

You can always set a higher price and eventually someone will come along and buy it, but I would say €300 for the whole setup would be a good ballpark figure for a fast sale
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Personally.... ~€300 (depends, maybe a few bucks more if case looks good)
It's not yet clear what will happen with 030 card prices now that you can get a Vampire for €150.
Also... there are about a 1000 new cases coming out.. So prices for yellowed cases should plummet.. there are always those who want original case but then it must look nice.. This is all speculation on my part of course, treat it as such. 😆
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Originally Posted by emuola View Post
What would you pay for this?
About tree fiddy.
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Ok, thanks for the input guys It's around 300€ then
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