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I use a mix of both to do the AMIGArama podcast. Always wanted to play it on original hardware to see how it was back in the day but then I always use FSUAE for recording footage and testing how much better the games will run with supped up settings.
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Real hardware, though I do use emulation too purely for convenience.
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Emulation only.
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Originally Posted by UberFreak View Post
Real HW only, not just for Amiga.
Same here. Real HW for Amiga, MS-DOS, Apple IIc, Apple LCIII, PPC MacMini's, others. It's just fun with real HW.

Last edited by Amiga4000; 21 April 2018 at 18:55.
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Real hardware (A600+Vampire 2 and A4000+csppc&cvppc)
Also some emulation (Winuae) to setup new CF cards mostly.
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Thumbs up

in my http://mancave-ramblings.blogspot.ca/ I don't like to pretend with my miggies :

1000-010, 1200-030, 1200T-060, 4000-CS-MKIII060, A1-X1000-PPC
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Emulation, real hardware is too slow and expensive...
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Real and Emulated - also for more than Amiga, as well. For me, all aspects have their uses but for Amiga, I've been real hardware more lately than emulation.
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Mostly real hw, but I'm still waiting for some _proper_ enhanced FPGA solutions at which point I'll still be using real hw, just not C= made ones.
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Old 21 April 2018, 22:12   #30
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Location: Stoke-On-Trent, England
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95%+ Real HW.
I just use emulation for setting an Amiga up as quicker for file transfer etc.

Main system is an A4000 with an 060@80mhz and VooDoo 3.
Although I have a large collection of other Amiga's.

Why do you ask? Are you planning on releasing something?
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Old 21 April 2018, 22:28   #31

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Old 21 April 2018, 22:29   #32
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Only real hardware.One of my 11 Amigas every time!
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Old 21 April 2018, 22:57   #33
Stuck in the 80s

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Real hardware although I sold all 12 of my systems off some time ago.

I rarely get time to play with Amiga stuff now (even via emulation) due to other interests, but I still find reading and visiting EAB something to remind me of the good times

If I did buy any Amiga hardware in future a simple A500 with 1MB of ram, external floppy and a 1084 monitor will do me just fine
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Old 21 April 2018, 23:12   #34
Ex nihilo nihil

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1987/1988 until 2000/2001 : real hardware only (quick tested various version of available emulators but never used them).
2001-2016 : almost nothing (only testing various version of available emulators but never used them).
2016 : Amikit
2017-today : Amilator (FS-UAE) & WinUAE
tomorrow : why not plug-in back the real beast
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Old 22 April 2018, 00:29   #35
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Both. Real A500 (x3), real A600 (x1) and real A1200 (x2) but also WinUAE configured on 5 desktop PCs, 2 laptop PCs, 1 eMac, 1 PS2, 1 PSP and 1 Android smartphone.
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Real hardware.
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Which bucket does a vampire fall in? Is it “real” hardware? Is it emulation?

Not that I have one yet...
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Old 22 April 2018, 06:22   #38

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Usually emulation when coding something, and then testing out on real hardware here and then..
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Old 22 April 2018, 10:22   #39
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Real hw; a4000/040 and 2x cd32s with the terrible fire expansion and my c64.
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Old 22 April 2018, 10:33   #40
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Almost always emulation. Occasionally I pull out my A1200/030 to check something.
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