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View Poll Results: Real Amiga vs Emulation
I prefer using a Real Amiga 48 69.57%
I prefer to emulate 21 30.43%
Voters: 69. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 18 December 2002, 10:41   #1
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Real Amiga or Emulation

I was gonna ask this before, and recent posts have spurred me to start this poll. All I want to know is do you prefer using your Amiga or do you prefer using an emulator. Be honest please, if you rarely touch your Real Amiga and emulate all the time you can hardly say you prefer the real deal, unless you've got a damned good reason. If you vote lameulate please leave a reason to give me a better insight into your decision (and so I and the other faithful can discriminate against you forever more ). That pretty well tells you what I'm voting. Please leave a reason if you choose the real Amiga option too, even though all you need to say is Amigas rule .
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Real Amiga as long as speed is not a real issue. When it comes to games/programs that require a super-duper CPU (other than the 040/25 in my A4k), I switch to emulation. 90% of my needs though are covered using my A4k...
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Old 18 December 2002, 11:13   #3
Mr Softy
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Thumbs up

I voted for emulation.

But wait, wait, don't ask your team of agents to torture my family yet, I have more things to say!

Pros :
First : I lost most of my disks through too many movings. I know, it is impardonable, but I'm the messy type of guy...
Second : loading times. With some adf's you can speed up the "floppy" access, wich is kewl. Really kewl.
Third: save state. I just too fucking much love this function. I mean, whats cooler than saving at the title thus avoiding long loading time? Mmmhhh.
Fourth : versatility. You want a basic 500? Or a 4000 with picasso and 16 meg ram? No problem. And it's free.

First : My amiga should look like an amiga, not like a pc. Right?
Second : Where has gone that nice floppy sound?
Third : Where is my gun-like two handed joystick? I loved it!
Fourth : Sound emulation is not always very good on my machine and the overall emulation is just too much cpu greedy.
Fifth : It's just not the same.

What you say? There is more cons than pros?



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Old 18 December 2002, 11:59   #4
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I voted for the real thing !

The main problem emulating AMIGA's on my 350-Mhz-PC is: It's to slow ! Emulating a A500 is only possible when I choose "every 2nd frame" in the display options in winuae. Therefore the sound is crappy, too. I wonder why it's no problem emulating 16-Bit-Consoles on my PC without problem but not a A500...

However, WINUAE is a great program...
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Old 18 December 2002, 15:36   #5
The Sacred Armour Of
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Emulation may be more convenient but to quote Akira:
"Nothing Beats The Real Thing"

Anyone who abandons their hardware shold be ashamed of themselves
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Old 18 December 2002, 15:42   #6
Mr Creosote
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Real Amiga. Emulation is fussy and slow on my PC (300MHz), OCS and ECS games run in bearable speed, AGA almost impossible. Sound doesn't work at all! Therefore, I only use emulation for taking screenshots.
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Old 18 December 2002, 16:15   #7

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Old 18 December 2002, 16:25   #8
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No contest..
Real Thing© or DIE!
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Old 18 December 2002, 16:35   #9
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Real Thing© or DIE!
:kill :kill :kill
Old 18 December 2002, 17:00   #10
Pipboy approved
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nowadays when I finally have some real Amigas I only use the real thing. "Nothing beats the real thing"!
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Old 18 December 2002, 17:13   #11
Into the Wonderful

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I voted emulate although I dont prefer to, its more a case of limited space for the time being. My A500 is waiting patiently for me in the attic along with a shedload of copied games
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Old 18 December 2002, 17:16   #12
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Well guys its gotta be both for me! I have the best of both worlds.. two highly powered pc's and three amiga 1200's... and i always use the amiga's too... as much as the pc's!
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Old 18 December 2002, 17:19   #13
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Both for me too. My PC with winuae & my A600 (but have not played with it for a few months as winuae is working to good and is easier than setting my A600 up and finding the disk)
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Old 18 December 2002, 17:26   #14
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Right now I lameulate why? a couple reasons...

1). Its quick

2). I have a few thousand ADF's taking up 3.5" inside my PC instead of a huge amount of room in the house!!

3). I have 1300+ WHD games.

4). I can emulate most amigas and possible configs with ease, and not have to own every machine/combination possible

5). I can use my Amiga joysticks on my PC

6). Winuae Kalliera

7). It's cheaper (a file costs less to d/l than a disk costs!!)

Now the main reason is I am decorating my main bedroom (where all my Amiga stuff is) and once it is done I'll be setting up my amiga's and then will do the real deal as-well as emulating (and the Pc and 1 amiga will be networked so I can move ADF's around with ease!!)


Mine is more Convenience right now, nothing and i mean..Nothing compares to DirOpus4 on a real a1200 with 040+cpu

(Nothing beats the real thing - lets be honest
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Old 18 December 2002, 17:27   #15
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I have the best amiga hooked up via ethernet and a cdrom attached! i also have it hooked into a tv card so i can use the main pc's monitor.. i plan to get one of the other amiga's setup onto the network later on... after xmas!

And its true! a REAL amiga rawks

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Old 18 December 2002, 17:54   #16
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If emulation is an imitation of another computer - The only valid question is thus, how exact or greater an imitation?

As it is today - I'd say a pretty damn good one, not perfect, I concede. But, it can only get better.

The practical use vantage is one merit emulation carries with it.
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Old 18 December 2002, 18:30   #17
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I posted real amiga because I enjoy its familarity & reliabilty it don,t crash in the middle of long essay work or fall apart when compiling dtp projects , like take away food emulation is quick fix when you want it all in one box but it dont have the same flavour
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Old 18 December 2002, 21:11   #18
Going nowhere

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Is a great piece of software, unfortunately it runs via one of the flakiest OS systems known to man!!

I have A4ooo's, A5oo's, A1ooo's, A12oo o6o's, and whilst I like WinUAE (I will test most downloads on WinUAE before porting to Amiga), I am far more familiar and happy with a real Amiga, hence why since 1989, I'm still bloody here!!! (I really should retire now!).

The issue of lots of ADF's is pretty redundant bearing in mind the proliferation of WHDLoad and its multitude of installs.
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Old 18 December 2002, 21:36   #19
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I've never seen in my life powerful Amigas, and I want one! I'm fed up with emulation in my 166 mhz
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Old 18 December 2002, 22:15   #20
aka breakpoint

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