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Cannot emulate joystick using keyboard with E-UAE or PUAE

I've been using PUAE on my Macbook Pro for a while, but have always been using a USB gamepad. Today, I tried using the keyboard to play some games. Unfortunately, nothing I tried worth. The keys I'd assign would always be completely unresponsive.

I use Hi-Toro to configure PUAE and have tried both the default mappings and custom mappings. Just to test, I also tried E-UAE and it had the same behaviour. The 'RAW Mappings' option in Hi-Toro doesn't seem to help either.

I must be doing something stupid. Anyone have an idea what I could be doing wrong?

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I was having exactly the same problem until I tried chiark's barebones config. Check out the details here.

Also make sure overdrive isn't enabled for your joystick if you're using USB Overdrive.
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Keyboard not being mapped to joystick commands on Mac

I just tried the bare bones config and still have the same problem in PUAE. E-UAS works fine, except the screen isn't centered. The mouse always works fine in games, but keyboard input for the joystick doesn't respond at all.

I don't have USB Overdrive installed.


This is a PUEA 2.3.1 problem. Moving discussion to the 2.3.1 thread.

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