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Leandro Jardim
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Amiga legal emulation is possible?

Is possible to do Amiga legal emulation today? A WinUAE user can have some fun this way? What ADF's and ISO's are considered legal to have without any license? PD collections, both in CD and floppies are free to copy without the original disk? And coverdisks, can I copy them without the proper magazine?

Is true that one famous magazine distributed DOpus 5, in its coverdisk? Can I use it and better, upgrade to a better version for free?

Where can we find games, both commercial ones and in PD form (I love PD, its like amateur movies, some are better than the pros! ) to use, but without infringe the law?

Abime and EAB are wonderful places to find Amiga software, too!

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Emulation is perfectly legal. The only strictly illegal bits are using Kickstart ROMs and Workbench/AmigaOS disks if you don't physically own that hardware/software. Even then you can 100% legitimately get hold of those (for a price) from Amiga Forever.

In terms of legal games, some companies have made their games freely available - anything you can download from Back To The Roots website is legal, plus.see the EAB wiki for some other sources online.

EAB's own file server has lots of PD games, but beware it has some Amiga games which are not.strictly legal to distribute, but no companies actually complain to my knowledge.

CU Amiga gave away DOpus 5.11 on its coverdisk. I think later versions are still actually sold, although DOpus 5.5 comes with Amiga Forever.
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I'm wondering, if using savestates would be legal. It's possible (At least it was with a WinUAE from some years ago,I didn't test it now), to load a savestate without the Kickrom. If the game doesn't load anything from disk after being loaded the first time, even the adf is not needed.
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