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Ya' like it Retr0?
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2 Button Amiga / Sega pad to USB

Hello there forum chummies,

Recently I received my cute little Atmel ATMEGA-8-16PU's in the postie... oh what to do what to do... I did this

for another project (later to be revealed) I needed an Amiga Joystick to USB converter, infact it was a fellow forum chummie that put me onto a source of these little beasties.

The Original design from RAPHNET.NET provides you with a schematic for building your own little boards. you can also buy kits and fully asembled units there too. (its where i got me chips from)

Anyway the reason of this post is two fold; Reason 1 - if i can ask those here to ratify my re-design of Raphs board (as I needed a different board for two different projects) I thought i would include it here for ;- Reason 2 a resource for others here to make thier own. so lets get to it..

The original schema from Raphs (click to enlarge)

and the re-designed board (click to enlarge)

here is the board built in eagal (eagle is free to d/l) although limmited it does allow you a little play room and really complete with library components its not as intuitive as pad2pad though, wich is only limmited to 2 layers. but its what you do that matters i suppose.

anyway once you have your board you will need to program that ATMEGA8 microcontroller heres the HEX file that you will need to program to the chip
and if you want to incorperate more functionality like maybe a 3rd fire button? here is the source code. Both of these files are available from Raphs site btw. there is a disclaimer there. I would suggest you read it

as a final note here is a data-pdf for the ATmel Amiga8 16's just dont let your friends see how geeky you are when you d/l it (most of mine would moan at me for not having it already... hmm i think thats saying something...

okay... now remember at the moment I have not tested my re-design yet... although it looks 100% to me... my eyes are dry and its late in the NEXT day... so please doubly make sure and dont blow yourselfs or your equipment up... if you do... its your own fault... that also includes you managing to fry the dog....
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great work Z !!!!

AFAIR, there was a project (that I did built too) that allowed a PSX pad to be used with a parrallel port. on the readme there was info on how to do the same with pads of various systems, sega/nintento pads and amiga ones... The psx pad was working excellent on my pc of the time, maybe u can look it up for amiga support? It had a normal windows driver in order to work... I think it was called dpad pro or something
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