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Compact Flash card as floppy drive?

Not sure if it was on here (probably not, but maybe), but I remember some time ago a guy mentioning such a project.

If I understood correctly, he was working on a method where you could use some sort of interface where a CF card loaded with the files from a floppy disk could be used to emulate a FDD.

Has anyone on here heard about this project? Did it ever eventuate, or just died a natural death?

Damn, it'd be cool if he did actually get it to work!

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This one? or This one?
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Not quite,

The one I read about used the files from real floppies, not disk images like that.

Good reading though!

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that would be this one then - http://www.techtravels.org/amiga/amigablog/?cat=2

its an Amiga drive interfaced to USB so the PC / Mac can archive the disk.

personally the CF floppy replacement is more useful in my book, due to Amiga compatible floppy drives being harder and harder to find (and I'll bet within another couple of years, impossible to find unless new old stock or second hand).
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There are some very common PC drives which can be modified for Amiga use, so that isn't a big problem. They won't be produced forever, but there are so many around that it shouldn't be a problem.

That being said, I would love to replace my drives with a solid-state disk since floppies don't last forever. It's much easier to keep a collection of ADFs.
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