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I just got the new A600 8Mb expansion... seems ok with one problem:

When I select the 4Mb configuration everything works fine - All WHDLoad games that I have work perfectly well without ANY problems.

When I select the 8Mb configuration with dip switches then about 20% of the installs report 800000B error (i understand this means the program is accesing the odd addresses) - this is regardless of how the games are loaded. The games load fine under 8Mb in WinUAE identical configuration !

Both memcheck and checkmembh programs say the ram is OK - no errors found.

Also note that the PCMCIA slot is EMPTY and it doesn't interfere with the ram.

This happens whatever I do - I re-seated the memory expansion, etc. and every time I get the same results. I tried booting without startup sequence and the same happens.

Here is a link to three of the installs that do this, if anyone else can check them I would be greatfull. NOTE: You must use the preload switch so whdload loads all files i.e. :

whdload cadaver.slave preload
whdload anotherworld.slave preload
whdload stellar7.slave preload

I tried using whdload 16 and 17 - both have the same problem.


Best regards
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I have one of the earlier 4Mb boards for my A600. Which is great, but the connections appear to come loose. Could you recommend any way of keeping it secure like you have pictured on the newer model?
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Old 29 May 2015, 20:24   #323
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Hi everyone, sorry to resurrect an old thread but I just bought the A604 board from Kipper2k and I'm having some trouble.
There just seems to be not enought space for it, the metal plate inside the A600 clashes with it.

Should I remove the metal plate? If so, entirely?

Moreover, the board doesn't seem to grip on the CPU well, CPU contacts are clean, any tips on holding it in place? Thanks.
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yes remove the upper metal plate, you can carefully use the one screw hole on the 604 which line up with a hole on the mobo

also make sure that there has been some relief dremelled on one corner of the socket that clips on the CPU this for clearance of a resistor close to the CPU. kipper normaly does this so check its been done otherwise you can do it ..carefully

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Thanks. I was quite sure the metal plate had to go, but better be sure. I can't seem to get the board to grip on the 68000, though

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