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Old 11 March 2018, 09:50   #21
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nice! already updated both real miggy and emulated environment! is there an option or tooltyp to turn off ESC as quit key?
i already happened to accidently press it. although there is requester, if there is unsaved work, it can be a bit annoying.
for example i can't close that requester by using pressing ESC in order to continue, have to use mouse for cancel button.
or maybe as future improvement, could you link ESC to cancel button of requester as well?

and someone should rename topic, as it isn't redit 1.16 anymore...
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Old 11 March 2018, 13:32   #22
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With Redit 2.0 it is not possible to deactivate ESC. But one of the next features of Redit will be a Settings file and together with that this might become configurable.

Right now the requesters in Redit can be controlled by keyboard like Amiga's standard requesters: LAmiga-V for "OK" (left button), LAmiga-B for "Cancel" (right button). There is no key for the middle button, those must be clicked by using the mouse.

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Don't you mean lamiga-V / lamiga-B?
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Old 11 March 2018, 14:43   #24
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oops, you're right. It's LAmiga+V and LAmiga+B, of course.
I will correct my posting above :]
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Old 11 March 2018, 22:32   #25
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Thank You looks well nice
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Old 12 March 2018, 01:45   #26
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Excellent update, thanks for your work on this!
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Old 22 November 2018, 10:52   #27
OCS rocks!

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Just wanted to say thanks here as well ..

Amazing work, Woop...
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