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[Query] Macintosh Hard Disk 20 equivalent

I apologize if this is not the correct section to post this, this was my best guess.

At the end of 1985, a couple of months after the commodore amiga 1000 release, apple released a hard disk that connected to their macintosh computer using the floppy port. After a long google search I cannot find anything similar ever released for the amiga, which I think it is odd since even if slower than a scsi alternative, it would have been cheaper. Also, I have found in forums that the Atari 800 (the spiritual predecessor of the amiga) can handle similar hard disk sized "floppies" (several megabytes in size), at least in emulators. So my questions are.

1. Was ever some obscure hard disk option that connected to the amiga floppy drive?
2. Would AmigaOS be compatible with such hardware or would it require a startup floppy like the Mac 512k?
3. How come no emulators support such an option?

I apologize if this questions are common knowledge, I did my best to answer them myself.
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Never heard of such a device ---
Parallel port, certainly
Serial Port, maybe
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It would be possible, the gotek drives use a derivative of this for the selector app.

Very slow.

With os2.0 onwards it would be possible to have this kind of hard drive emulate a small boot floppy and then switch to hard drive mode after a special piece of software has been run, with 1.3 and older you would need a separate boot floppy to get it going.
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Are you sure your not thinking of the MFM pc hard drive that used a floppy like connector but the was extremely slow.

My first 386 had a 20mb mfm drive
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