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Wireless network driver beta version released

A beta version of a new wireless network driver (version 0.7 of prism2.device, a wireless Ethernet driver) is available for download. It supports PCMCIA cards in the A1200/A600 and PCI cards on the AmigaOne.

For potential compatibility information, see Absolute Value System's directory of wireless chipsets. If a card's chipset is listed there as Orinoco, Agere or Prism (except the SSF version) and its bus type is PCMCIA or PCI, it is likely to work. If the card is listed there but doesn't match these requirements, it will definitely not work.

Source: amiga-news.de
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Are there Wireless 16 bit PCMCIA NICs? I'd be interested in having a list or something, this should be great, and further justify the purchase of a wireless router.
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I've tested the Netgear MA-401 and it works, but without WEP only. I posted a response to the news article on a.org but no answer yet. Nobody has confirmed if the WEP is working in this release. Also, it's a bit slow. Nice to have new drivers but the CNET and 3COM are much faster if you don't mind the wires.
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