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Thumbs down Amibench has closed

Mark 'Techno' Wilson has decided to close Amibench due to legal threats and general shite from dickheads.

Go to http://www.amibench.com for more details.

There is also a thread on http://www.ann.lu/detail.cgi?categor...1044538866.msg

This has got to be the worst news I've heard for a long time.
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That is pretty sad I was reading all about it. What I don't understand is how they could blame him for piracy, he was just offering a service how people use/abuse is out of his control, he cant be there 24/7 monitoring everything. Sad to hear that he has had enough and decided to bring the whole page down
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yep, it's strange how bullshit is always louder than the truth

but then those dickheads are very talented people, I can only get my arse to fart, they've taught theirs to talk
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Old 08 February 2003, 00:42   #4
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Latest News

Amibench is back

From the site:

Ok! ok! You can all stop sending me emails of support now!

I think that my email box may explodes under the extreme pressure!

I thought about what I'm going to do with AmiBench.

there is still some respect and milage in the Amiga Community I've thought that there's no better thing to do with the site other than to put it back 'Online'.

You only have yourselfs to thank seeing as you did such a splended thing in sending me so many (and I mean many messages of support.

Its an amazing feeling to see people come out and say things about AmiBench which made me realise that its still very well respected in Amiga circles even if I'm not!

I guess AmiBench is bigger than me. And who am I to turn it off?

Thanks everyone. You really have made my day!
Mark 'tecno' Wilson : Team Member of AmiBench
Web: http://www.AmiBench.org
Email: Mark@AmiBench.org
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Like Ozzy Osbourne said, "You can't kill rock and roll..."
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Old 08 February 2003, 06:48   #6
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Well, I'm one of the people that emailed him. Glad to see that there were more people that appreciated Amibench like myself.
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Old 23 February 2003, 12:20   #7
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Severin, thanks for the ann.lu link.

I read it all. IT'S A SHAME!

But fortunately there's also another side of the shore, offering strong positive support. Trust me peeps, without this positive support the site would've been permanently closed now. Mark needed kind souls to help him getting through this pain and distress he had to suffer, and he found those! Thanks everybody!

Well, everything reminds me a lot of the Amithlon disaster. Even if you don't see any parallels at first glance, there ARE some parallels. A small bunch of people wanting to violently knock the stuffing out of a single person (no matter if it's Bernie or Mark), threatening and intimidating him in the worst imaginable way.
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