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I had a yellowed PSOne controller that I thought I could sacrifice to try out this light brightening, what can I say - it worked well.

Left it out in the sun for several days and it's almost back to white.
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Originally Posted by Puggsy View Post
By the way for anyone thinking this method is worth doing, read this thread:

Next time some YouTube personality wants to sell you snake oil they found laying around, don't buy it.
By that logic, don't RetroBright
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Originally Posted by power View Post
Left it out in the sun for several days and it's almost back to white.
My biggest concerns are if it is getting more brittle and for how long the whiteness lasts.
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^^ treatment with peroxide 40 vol (this is NOT 40%!!!), before and after


^^ treatment with sunbrighting for about 4 weeks, average of 4 hours a day, before (photo is actually a bit old, but I tried to take a shot as closely as possible) and after

I guess it's all about long term behavious/side effects... we'll see!
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Personally after experiencing blush on an Atari STE I would only now go for submersion techniques when retrobriting or the slower Ozone method... for a universal coverage. Creme is too easy to get wrong (folds in clingfilm etc)
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Originally Posted by Mrz View Post
unless you store the computer in a sealed box in vacuum ,the yellow in these plastics will return again
Not necessarily: a layer of matt varnish with UV protection can be applied to seal the recovered part from ambient oxygen and ultraviolet rays, thus minimising the possibility of yellowing again.


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Originally Posted by Ferry View Post
Not necessarily: a layer of matt varnish with UV protection can be applied to seal the recovered part from ambient oxygen and ultraviolet rays, thus minimising the possibility of yellowing again.
Quite the contrary - this was tested and even if it is sealed and protected from UV light, it will still reyellow. Even if you store the item in a dark place and protects it from all light, it still reyellows so light is clearly not the main problem here. The difference is that painting is pretty much a one-way street so you cannot retreat it and have to either sand it down or paint it if you want that.

Read #909 and #910.
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the layer of varnish or clear paint also oxidizes with the air, such paint tend to yellow as well as plastics
once you paint the plastics : there is no way back as demolition said
removing that thin layer of paint may become impossible

painting the plastic is a big mistake

the yellowing process in these plastics is a mix of heat+uv light+oxygen and other chemicals in the earth atmosphere,
those old white plastics are pure crap and very very unstable, there is no cure for them

meanwhile you can purchase a 35 years old Spectrum 48k or Spectrum 128k , you clean them using water and a clean cloth and they look as if they were new
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I am personally having great success with this hair product: Wella Welloxon Perfect 12% 40 Vol 1000ml

It's pretty simple and I follow the following procedure every time with great results:
  1. Wash each part with soap to ensure all grease is removed
  2. Rinse off with water
  3. Dry each part of - I don't want any water left
  4. Apply the hair product in a nice layer - ensure all parts are covered
  5. Wrap the parts in plastic wrap
  6. Leave outside - even cloudy weather works fine as long as you avoid rain
  7. Turn the parts around now and then to make sure all parts are exposed to UV
  8. Remove the wrapping and pensel some more hair product on - this is to remove any bubbles or whatever that the plastic wrap may have caused.
  9. Leave our for another hour or so
  10. Get the parts back in side and rinse off
  11. Done!
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