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Roll eyes (sarcastic) I Have TONS of Amiga Games... B U T :(

I Have TONS of Amiga Games in Amiga Disks... B U T
I can't play them anymore Because my Amiga500 has a problem in the TV Device that conected with it and I don't know the name of this device

But are there any way to run my Amiga Disk games in PC?

please help me to run these games because I like them so much.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no way known to play Amiga games on PC . Damned if I haven't tried to find a way though . I'm not much of a tech head so I wouldn't be much help with your problem, sorry. Only thing I can think of is to try and find a cheap Amiga (say an Amiga 500) on eBAY or something.
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Wink Modulator

Osama, do you mean the small oblong thing at the rear-left of the machine.

Its called a TV modulator. You could get a monitor and plug it straight into the port that the TV modulator plugs into and then you wouldn't need your broken modulator. The picture would look better as well.

However its probably a lot more expensive to purchase a monitor rather than a TV modulator, but then I expect it'll be difficult to lay your hands on a TV modulator.

Hope this helps.
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just so the guy doesnt get confused. You can play amiga games on a PC with an amiga emulator. Maybe someone can point him to a begginers page for amiga emulation. I'm sure there is one out there..

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I have a neat little gadget called a commodore A520. It has audio in video out and RF out.. you can hook any amiga up to a television with it.. I believe that's the device you are referring to.. Havent used it since I bought my 1942 monitor..
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I think its easier to find a monitor than a modulator. And you can get a wee nice 1084 for around 60 bucks in eBay. It is the best buy you can make, lemme tell you. Excellent monitors.
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Lightbulb amiga rgb --> scart...

IF you´re tv got a scart connectíon then just make a cable for it... on a good tv you almost get the same quality as on a 1084.. And it´s alot cooler if it games you´re into.. Playing on big tv is nothing compared to the dull 1084..

There´s a good page that explains what things go where.. etc.
Try it couse it´s damn much better than the rf modulator thing..
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osama, there are ways of transferring your Amiga games to your PC, and then playing them with an emulator. I'll tell you how I did just that with all my old games:

First, to transfer the games, use this:


This method uses your PC's 3.5" floppy drive to create .adf images of your Amiga disks. It requires that two floppy drives be installed on your PC. The reasons for this are highly technical, but I believe it uses components of both drives to alter the timing of the 3.5" drive.

This is way cool! It was previously thought to be impossible to read Amiga disks with a standard PC floppy drive/controller, but Vincent Joguin has done it! Excellent!

Other methods of transferring files to your PC from your Amiga include the use of a serial cable or 'null modem'. I've never tried these, because it involves a lot of knowledge with AmigaDOS and Workbench and all that good stuff I've forgotten.

Then, get the emulator called UAE (I use WinUAE):


UAE is in my opinion the finest of the Amiga emulators. A lot of people use a program called Fellow, too. I tried that program and WinUAE, and have stuck with WinUAE ever since. But you should definetly try both to see which works best for you.

Both of these programs use the .adf format, which is what Disk2FDI does, so that should be all good there.

Spend some time reading all the docs, then have at it! Good luck!
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Don't kenow if u 're still searching, but in any case :

u can run most of your games with winuae

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