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Kick Off 2 WHDLoad

Attention all Kick Off 2 fans!

Galahad likes to do hard WHD installs and has done a beta WHD install of Kick Off 2. However, he wants input from Kick Off 2 players (not me) on what to put into the install.

If you've got some suggestions, then email him here: GLDFLT@AOL.COM

I'll upload the disk image needed for this beta to the ADF-Zone. It was created from one of my Kick Off 2 originals.



This is a BETA version of Kick Off 2 WHDLoad, YOU are all the beta

NO LOAD or SAVE has been implemented! I want all bugs removed from the
game before I deal with that mess (and it is a mess!).

I already know about the bug where no crowd noise can be heard when you
play the first game. (If you press escape when the players come onto the
pitch and then continue the game, the sound is restored, will be fixed
of course!)

The program code file has been compacted and included because the self
modifying encrypted routines occasionaly freak out o4o/o6o processors, and
I am NOT supporting the other eight versions when there appears to be no
difference between them except for a version number! So now everyone is
playing the same version.

Once everyone is happy that the game is working 100% (I dont play it!)
then we can go onto disk load/save implementation.

How much of this is implementated is down to YOU.

Consider this:

1). Seperate disk file for Kick Off 2
2). Seperate disk file for Player Manager imports
3). Seperate disk file for World Cup
4). Seperate disk file for League games
5). Seperate disk file for Action Replays
6). Seperate disk file for Golden Goals

= A big install all of a sudden!!

MOST people that I have spoken to who play this game to death are only
interested Action Replays and Golden Goals.

The final outcome of this install is down to you guys.

Playtest, and bug report, then we can do the load/save (which
I have been able to partly implement).

There are a few spelling mistakes in the game, if you see a word starting
with the letter 'x' this is disk related and done by me because I need to
mark various text in the game so I know what the game is trying to do.

This of course will be removed in the final release.

Other than that, it is over to you guys.

Signed Galahad of Fairlight
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Old 09 October 2001, 00:44   #2
Carlos Ace
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Floppy disk

CodyJarrett, can u uload the MFMwarp image of KICKOFF II ???
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Old 09 October 2001, 09:34   #3
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Carlos - I can do it in a couple of weeks time. I don't have my disks or my real Amiga with me all the time.
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Old 09 October 2001, 10:52   #4
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Is Galahad still going? He must be pensionable now... seriously though although he seemed to be quite late onto the scene, is he still using his Amiga?

Are there any sources for Amiga files nowadays like FTP or whatever as obviously all BBS's died thanks to the Net??
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Old 09 October 2001, 11:19   #5
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Galahad has been doing WHDLoad installs for games like Cannon Fodder, Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, Kick Off 2, The Lion King, Pinball Dreams, Primal Rage, Sensible Golf, SWOS, Spellbound, Streetfighter 2, Switchblade 2 and Wizkid.
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Old 11 October 2001, 19:14   #6
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Cheers for that! As for coming onto the scene quite late.... not so....

I was originally in LSD in 1992, then joined Scoopex briefly, then went into Dual Crew Shining then into Fairlight, had a brief spell in Rednex, and finished off in Fairlight.

I have been around on Amiga since 1991 and I went under another name before Galahad, hence why it appears I havent been around that long.

You can find out who I was by locating an edition of Grapevine Magazine by LSD with a cracking tutorial for Carrier Command.... thats how bloody old I am

And yes, I still use the Amiga
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Old 11 October 2001, 19:46   #7
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Hahaha, you got caught Methanoid
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Old 12 October 2001, 01:07   #8
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You did the tutorial for cracking Carrier Command Galahad? I've read this tut many times before.
Old 12 October 2001, 13:24   #9
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Red face

A long time ago I wrote it, it told you how to do everything so you had a working single file.

I would love to read it again myself..... was a looooonnnnnggg time ago.
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Old 12 October 2001, 14:31   #10
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I followed that tutorial!!

Then went on to do Mouse Trap one part (great game)

Whats the fastest crack anyone has done?

I did F15 Strike Eagle II in 2 mins! (Manual protection)
My mate bought the original and brought it round. I cracked it in front of him and he thought I was a god. Oh the rush!

I also cracked another flight sim but cant remember the name of it. Battle of ??? You were in a ww2 plane and had to sink battleships and the graphics were sort of digitised.. It too had manual protection..
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Old 12 October 2001, 15:01   #11
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I did the protection Codemasters attempted to use to make pirates pay for copies of the disks (the protection on Captain Dynamo, Quest Of Agravain, Seymour Goes To Hollywood) in 5 minutes. I only removed the manual protection though. I have yet to attempt to remove the RNC disk protection

So 5 minutes would be my fastest
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Amiga freak
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I was one of the guys who overwhelmed Galahad with requests to make a Kick Off 2 WHDload install and already received a beta in february. This beta works very good, I haven't noticed any troubles, even the crowd sound in a first match works. When Galahad released the install on the WHDload site, I tried it with my disk. This install does have the crowd sound bug (This is correct as the readme says so) and has some other little bugs which I didn't have with my first beta. Now, it seems that my orginal disk has an error, so this might explain the little bugs I have. Now, I would like to know if other people have problems using the latest Kick Off 2 install. (CodyJarret?)

I will be able to test all ins and outs of the install at the KO2-tournament in Londen (3 November). 32 people will try to do all sorts of stuff with the game, so if any other bug is present, it will sure come out!
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Old 12 October 2001, 23:51   #13
2 contact me: email only!

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Post Amigaboy's Captain Dynamo crack won't work :)

Amigaboy: Just a small point, although you removed the manual protection in Captain Dynamo I think you will find if you use the cheat mode and try and play level 4 it will detect that it's not the original and will come up FATAL ERROR - PROTECTION FAILED or something. Try it

Enter your name as "PURPLE RAIN" or "SEXY PRINCE" for infinite lives and then use +/- keys to skip levels.

Maybe your current version could qualify as a Crystal crack
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Old 13 October 2001, 01:39   #14
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What kind of check does it do to determine it isn't real? Some type of checksum?

I ask since I made it (to me at least) perfect, ie. The compare will compare the correct serial to itself, thus setting all registers to their appropriate values. The only way I can see it not working is if a checksum is floating around in the code

But. I will test it out and report back here
Old 13 October 2001, 03:11   #15
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I tested it out and it worked perfectly. I have no idea what you're referring to Codetapper

I played the game and it worked fine

After that I tried the cheat and skipped ahead to level 4 and it worked fine too. I got no messages

I then decided to skip ahead to the end and I saw the one screen ending (bleh. Shitty ending. Glad I didn't play this game all the way through )

Nothing wrong with my release mate

btw - Has anyone tried my only release, Powerboat USA? I have no idea if this is done properly, but I think it would be

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