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football management games

Here's one for you all to think about.
In your opinion what is the best football management sim on the Amiga?

I enjoyed the Premier Manager trilogy, but remember being dissaponted by PM3.

I played soccer supremo by midnight oil and still play the latest version on PC (known as SAAP 2002), I have lifetime membership for this game.

I still play On the ball world cup on my amiga occasionally, but this game sometimes crashes due to my expansion board.

World of sensi soccer has to be the best playable game, but not indepth as far as management is concerned.
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Maybe it's because I am an American, but I never understood the appeal of footy management sims. Especially in the kind of numbers they exist in! I find it remarkable that so many of them exist, that there was enough interest in the genre.

Of course if I was going to manage anything, it would have to be a baseball team. The Atlanta Braves. But if such a beastie existed, I suspect one game would be enough to supress that desire, then it would have to be back to the action-sports gaming.

Soccer is boring enough to me, let alone management of the game. The only time I enjoyed it was when I actually coached a team of kids. They were in last place with no wins at the mid-season break. I took over the team and we won every game for the rest of the season (ending up in second place in our division!) And all because the other coaches didn't seem to understand that it's a passing game.

I digress...pretend I didn't respond at all.
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Big grin There can be only one ......

..... and that is the "Bundesliga Manager Series", but I doubt that any non German amiga user would know of it, since AFAIK it only was released in german language, also there is ANSTOSS from Ascaron am i´m quite sure that it was released in english language as well .....
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An English version of Bundesliga Manager was released by US Gold as 'The Manager'.
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I seems that I learn something new every day Even that I´m going straight upon the 50 years mark
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Cool How could I forget

I forgot to mention the English version of The Manager, I have got this installed on my amiga. It took me ages to get this working, nobody told me there was an animation disk, I only had the first two disks.
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I'm not all in for footy managers either, but they weren't half bad for a while. I played Championship Manager Italia for a season or something.

Something I never quite liked are Cricket games. What on earth is Cricket anyway?
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