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substitute for WBStartup

I was trying to replace internal WBStartup command with following code (only first part/problematic shown below)
DEFTYPE.WBStartup *wbmsg

*pr.Process = FindTask_(0)
If( *pr\pr_CLI = 0 )
  WaitPort_( *pr\pr_MsgPort )
  *wbmsg = GetMsg_( *pr\pr_MsgPort )
when running it waits forever at WaitPort_() - it means it was started from WB but doesn't get any "back" message from workbench.
What am I doing wrong?

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Old 29 September 2018, 09:01   #2
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The code looks correct, but is probably in the wrong place of your program.

I'm not a Basic coder, so just guessing here. But if this "internal WBStartup command" is an entry point in your program which is called by Blitz in case the program was called from Workbench, then Blitz has already detected that the program was called from Workbench and it has already received the startup message.

There must be some other way to get the message. Especially if Blitz offers an entry point for Workbench start, then it will probably also supply the startup message somehow.

The construct with WaitPort(pr_MsgPort) only works at the very beginning of the program, when AmigaDOS jumps into the very first instruction of the load module. I am not sure if Basic will allow you to replace this part of the code at all.
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Old 29 September 2018, 09:24   #3
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It crossed my mind that Blitz would not allow it at all.
That part is placed at the very top of the code.

Anyway, I was just trying to make a binary file smaller. I noticed that replacing Blitz's commands with system's ones greatly reduces the final size of executable... looks like this one is a NO GO.

Thanks for explanation.
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Yeah, it's not possible in Blitz 2. AmiBlitz3 allows custom startup handlers IIRC, but also creates larger executables so for that specific purpose it's probably not an option.
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