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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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WinUAE 3.0.0

WinUAE 3.0.0 released. http://www.winuae.net/

After (really too) long beta phase, it is finally released. PPC emulation that was supposed to be too pointless to implement is here. Also includes (less pointless but pointless enough) CD32 FMV emulation. And more. Much more.

New emulated hardware:

- PPC CPU emulation. CyberStorm PPC and Blizzard PPC boards emulated using QEMU PPC core, on-board SCSI supported.
- Other accelerator boards emulated (Blizzards, CyberStorms, Warp Engine, TekMagic, A2630), including on-board SCSI if available.
- More SCSI expansion boards emulated (Fastlane, Oktagon, Blizzard Kit IV)
- CD32 Full Motion Video cartridge emulation.
- CDTV-CR emulation.
- A590 XT hard drive emulation.

New features:

- Show on screen message when disk or CD is inserted or ejected or input device is autoswitched.
- Added null serial port mode that connects two WinUAE instances running on same PC.
- Fastest possible CPU speed mode is now available with cycle-exact mode, CPU is fastest possibly, only chip memory and chipset is cycle-exact.
- Immediate blitter is available in cycle-exact modes.
- 68040/060 with more compatible emulates instruction cache, MMU supported.
- 68000/68010 + 32-bit address space is supported.
- Optionally game controllers can be kept active when WinUAE does not have focus.
- Implemented secondary Z2 RAM board, for example 6M Z2 RAM + 2M Z2 RTG board combination is now possible.
- Added "history" menu to filesystem, hardfile and tape drive path selection.
- Added CDTV/CDTV-CR/CD32 turbo CD read mode.
- Multiple SCSI controllers can be active simultaneously.


- Programmed chipset display modes accuracy improved.
- Uncompressed CHD harddrive image write support.
- Implemented previously unavailable small Z2 RAM board sizes (64k to 512k)
- Z3 board emulation supports official autoconfig space, required when using PPC-only operating systems.
- 68000 cycle exact mode updates.
- Improved cycle counting in 68000 more compatible mode.

Bugs fixed:

- 68060 with "Unimplemented CPU emu" checkbox ticked: 68060 only unimplemented instructions were not emulated normally.
- Screenshot with D3D shader filter enabled always took filtered screenshot.
- SCSI CD READ CD command only worked if audio track was first track of CD.
- Hard reset didn't reset map rom loaded KS ROM data.
- AGA sprites in borders were clipped incorrectly in some situations (2.8.0)
- Autofire always on mode crashed.
- PCMCIA IDE emulation was broken long time ago.
- uanet.device + slirp combination was unusable.
- Directory filesystem statesave support open file path handling fixed.
- AVI audio recording always used PCM mode.

And much more small updates and fixes.
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Returning fan!

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Location: Montréal, QC, Canada
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Wonderful! Thank you Toni! A great X-mas gift indeed :-)
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Old 17 December 2014, 18:43   #3
Computer Wizard

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Thank you Toni for the Christmas gift.
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CaptainM68K-SPS France
dlfrsilver's Avatar
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Merci Toni, you did again a brill job Thanks for this X-mas prezzie
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Amiga 500 User
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Location: EU
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Also, many thanks to all of you wonderful people on EAB forum at helping in the discovery of possible errors during the development phase of WinUAE. Your interest and feedback are greatly helped.

Thank You!
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Old 17 December 2014, 19:22   #6
Registered User

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Nice work Toni!
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Old 17 December 2014, 20:05   #7
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Way to go. :-)
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WinUAE is the most amazing emulator of any plattform, I'm sure!
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Old 17 December 2014, 20:29   #9
Born again WinUAE user

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Wow! BIG update indeed! Thanks, Toni (surely a well-deserved break is in order now?!), And of course a thanks too to all the beta testers. Great work!
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Michael Sykes
WinUAE end user

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Christmas came sooner this year.
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Thank you. Have a wonderful xmas break.
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early xmas this year, thx toni
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Thanks, superdupercool!
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Old 18 December 2014, 01:32   #14
Da Digger :)

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Thank you very much Toni, you're the best.
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Old 18 December 2014, 01:34   #15
Professional slacker!
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Thanks for all the hard work
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Ruler of the Universe

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Thanks for your effort
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Old 18 December 2014, 02:13   #17
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Old 18 December 2014, 03:06   #18
Amiga User

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Stuck in the 80s

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thanks Toni!
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Old 18 December 2014, 07:35   #20
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BIG Thankyou Toni (Kiitos iso)
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