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Angry TC514400Z-80 vs TC514402Z-80 in Amiga 3000D


Got hold of some TC514400Z-80 and thought they should work in the Amiga 3000D, when I opened the case I found out that they where called TC514402Z-80!
If I search the forum it seems like TC514400Z-80 should work but doesn't. Have tried with only one set (8 ZIPs) in the exactly the same configuration as the working TC514402Z-80 without success.

Have I done something wrong, should they work?

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Old 27 November 2012, 10:02   #2
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I pulled up the two datasheets side by side and the 4400Z has a fast page mode, whereas the 4402Z has a static column mode.

There's also differences in the READ mode access times for A0-A9

More timing issues further down too with Column Vs. Fast Page.
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I got the impression that you can use either one, as long as you not mix.
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The 3000 (Ramsey) checks if the ram in the first bank is static column or page mode.
If it finds static column ram in the first bank it will assume that all fast ram is static column!

So you can mix page mode and static column ram, but if you do, you must have page mode chips in the first bank (so all banks are treated as page mode).
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Old 27 November 2012, 15:17   #5

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Oki, but I did not even get them to work by them self

Will try just change one of them and see what happens, didn't know you can mix them.
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If you mix Static Column chips (514402) with PageMode chips (514400) -and different manufacturer- you'll have some crash!
Try to use same chips and same manufacturer. SC are 5% better than PM!
I've some issues with these chips and my DENEB card!
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