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Were CD32 Games Different 2 the Original Amiga Versions?

Hi guys.

I have 2 versions of "The Last Ninja 3". I have the CD32 iso (which doesn't run so well on WinUAE) & I have a pair of adf disk images (which run smoother better but still with a glaring video problem).

Both of these versions appear 2 B exactly the same. I am curious 2 know if any games existing 4 the Amiga computer were remade 4 the CD32 or if they were just converted 2 the new format. ie Do some games have 2 different versions.

Thanx 4 looking
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CD32 games were mostly the same as other available Amiga versions. Quite a lot were enhanced (usually by adding CD audio tracks). However, there are some where the CD32 version was substancially enhanced/recoded.
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Many (all?) CD32 games require a CD32 gamepad with multiple buttons.
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Quick note...

most ppl here dont like 2 read txt style writing... save it 4 ur fone... kthxbye
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Well, they should have used the cd for more stuff!! Most games were just simple floppy->cd conversions
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When its CD32 we all think of enhancements of various sorts like high quality CD audio (BattleChess, Deathmask, SimontheSorcerer, Clockwiser, Skeleton krew...), better gfx (Banshee, Pinball Fantasies, TheChaosEngine, Pirates Gold...) more levels (Naughty Ones...) animated intros (ChuckRock2, Superfrog, Gunship2000...) and usually we get the lastest version like what happened with Elite 2, sadly that was all the enhancments that game got (among others), lol. Most of the games I mentioned has multiple enhancements and there are alot more out there but there should have been more!

pxscroll: Some games can use Mouse insead of joypad, or both in 2 player option.
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Thanx guys.

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