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FOUND: Crime game... (They Stole A Million, C64)

I can't remember if this was on the C64 or Amiga (suspect C64 though, had very simple graphics from memory)

It was an organised crime type scenario - basically make as much money as possible by planning break-ins to shops etc.

You had a certain amount of starting money which you used to hire people (had different skills, eg driving, security systems, locksmith, thug) and buy info (floor plan etc).

Then you had a couple of top-down stages - first you could plan out people's movements, then you had it in real-time & could manually control any of them.
Had to be careful in the planning section, to make sure you didn't have anyone running into each other & getting stuck... they had no AI & would only do exactly what you told them...

Ring any bells to anyone?

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2 contact me: email only!

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C64 game - They Stole a Million
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The Clue? http://hol.abime.net/?id=3049
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Yep, The Clue (Amiga) and They Stole a Million (C64) are the only ones that tightly fit the description that I can think of.
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Originally Posted by Codetapper
Yep, looks like the one... thanks guys
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