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Creating a sega mega drive "c button->up" adapter?

I don't know if this has been done before, but I figured this would be a good place to find out if this is possible - I'm new to the Amiga after being a long-time console gamer, and I just can't wrap my mind around this "press up to jump" business. I've been programmed to press the button to the right of the main action button to jump for years, and I just can't seem to switch.

Thus, I want to build a small adapter which will map the C-button on the megadrive controller to the up-button. I assume I can just reroute the c-button pin on the pad to the up-button pin on the amiga and it should work. Is there any reason why something like this wouldn't be possible?
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It's totally possible, but you'll lose the C-button (button 2 on the Amiga) functionality, unless you remap that to A (which is unused by the Amiga).
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Originally Posted by Rebel-CD32 View Post
It's totally possible, but you'll lose the C-button (button 2 on the Amiga) functionality, unless you remap that to A (which is unused by the Amiga).
I've been looking up how this would be done and i don't think it'd be possible to map up to A. The genesis pad uses a multiplexer to read the A button, right? So I'd need to set it to high before such a button could be read.

I'm fine with replacing C with up, since this adapter would likely be used only on games which don't have 2 mechanically independent buttons - there aren't many games which supported 2 buttons AND up to jump as well, right?

So is my assumption correct about how to go about this mod? I just build a male to female 9-pin dim extension, but swap the pin for up with the pin for the C button?
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I have an arcade joystick w/ 3 buttons and a Megadrive (Genesis) compatible controller, and have mapped one button to up on both. I haven't modded my Megadrive controller, cos my compatible one had more comfortable button placement for me.

Don't make an adapter. The easiest way by far is to open up the controller, cut the copper trace between the 9-pin connector and the button you want as up, then solder 1 wire from that pin to the copper trace. Adapter is much harder as you have to get two connectors and solder lots more wires, and then you have something dangling at the back of your Amiga, brrr... (unless you put it in some sort of small plastic box).

But you seem to have thought about this way of doing it, so. There's no reason it won't work, so just go ahead. Measure Up, mark pin, measure Button, cut trace, wire to marked pin and off you go

(You don't need to cut the trace, if there are individual wires going to the PCB you can just nip off the correct one. That's just how I did it, as I don't use the controllers for any other consoles I didn't need the C button for them. If it's a passive controller (no electronics between button and 9-pin cord) it should be quite safe to simply bridge the two pins, all they do is ground 1 pin each (before) and both pins at the same time (after).

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Well this is certainly hodge podge, but I went ahead and did it with a Sega Master System controller:

I tied the cord in 2 knots surrounding the area where I snipped the wires, so that if the cord is yanked it won't affect that area, then covered it in duct tape to give my cord a strange dongle on the side

Talk about a huge improvement. So many games feel light years better this way. Glad this worked out!
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There are games that make use of the Second button without mod so you loose that functionality but I like the idea of button jump.

there was something in AF about modding a Megadrive pad.
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I didnt think i was the only one with this problem! would it be possible to swap the function so up would be c and c would be up?
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