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WinUAE Video capture, Bug, issue or working as intended !

A couple of queries into the video capture ability of WinUAE.

Ive been trying to record videos again mainly of rtg software and want to clarify if these are issues/bugs or working as intended.

Most obvious is recording with Direct3D. Is this suposed to work at all as trying to record native or rtg, the video fails to record (if it works at all without causing fps to drop to single digits)

DirectDraw mostly works fine, capture before filter and/or disable sound sync to keep fps constant and no sound stutter. But when it coes to rtg capture it gets tricky.

It seems now in latest version of uae, I can now record rtg at 640x480 (scale to window option works). If I go higher to say 1280x960, then it will record the window but the image will be at native 320x240 as it usualy did.(or 640x480 if game supports).

I also noticed ahi sound doesnt get recorded when capturing (im sure this used to work - but havent checked)

Im using Windows 74 64bit with a Q6600 clocked at 3600 , using xvid codec at maximum vbr. cpu sometimes gets close to 100% depending on what is being recorded.
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Toni Wilen
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Recording directly from display RAM is usually slow (Direct3D, DirectDraw without filters). It can be made much faster but it is not worth the trouble.

AHI has never been recorded. RTG recording can be considered "you are your own"

MPEG4 codecs aren't really made for real-time compression either..
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huffyuv or mjpeg (both are available in ffdshow) - huffyuv is lossless, mjpeg not - both codecs "prefer" YCbCr 4:2:2 color space. for RGB lossless lagarith codec is recomended
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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
huffyuv or mjpeg (both are available in ffdshow) - huffyuv is lossless, mjpeg not - both codecs "prefer" YCbCr 4:2:2 color space. for RGB lossless lagarith codec is recomended
ffdshow huffyuv is a modified version (adaptive huffman tables/YV12 support) and for some reason RGB support is dropped.

Original huffyuv (v2.1.1) supports RGB too.
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