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A500 revisions

Hi Folks,

A kind of random question, but I figure this is the place for it:

I bought my original A500 second-hand in about 1990, and I remember it had an INSANELY loud floppy drive, louder than any of my friends, loud enough to hear from a few rooms away.

I'm assuming this was a fairly early machine, and I'm wondering, did anyone else have an A500 with a crazy loud floppy drive?

And does anyone know what version/revision it would be? (I still have my original A2000, but sadly got rid of the 500, regrets, regrets...)

Thanks all!
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All classic Amigas have loud floppy drives in my experience.
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Second hand in 1990, it would probably of been a Rev 5 from early 1988. It is very unlikely to be the Rev 3, unless you remember it having RED PWR LED?

The FDD would of probably been a Chinon FB354, 880K.

The Rev 3 board was the rarest of all the A500 revisions and can be problematic, in comparison to later revisions.

Rev 5 cannot accept 3.1 ROM unless you modify the logic board and the 3.1 ROM.

Rev 6 onwards are the most favoured, amongst A500 users.
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mä vaan
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I think that rev 7 is rarest.
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The A500 drives are kinda loud anyway, but it gets really bad if the lube on the motor shaft and drive rails dries out or is dirty. Cleaning and a drop of suitable oil takes care of most of it. I don't think it's a good indication of the revision, in any case.

Revision 3 is the "common" early model with the mechanical keyboard. Revisions 5 and 6 are the most common overall, by far. Revision 8 is mostly found in the A500+ but it was also used in regular, late A500s.

Revision 2 is, from what I understand, an early engineering sample type of thing and probably not found much in the wild. Revisions 4 and 7 are in-between models which are also rare but can be seen here and there.
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Rev 4 were mainly NTSC models which is why they are not seen as often. Rev 2, I don't think ever got released to the public? Cannot tell you much about Rev 7, other than they are not as common as the other Revisions.

Rev 3's are not as common as you may think and were the first boards made available back in 1987. Most have fallen to faults or binned.

The most common boards are from Rev 6 onwards, due to the 1990's Batman pack. Over 1.2 Million were produced.
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