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Odd A3000 SuperKickstart/SCSI behavior

It would seem that SuperKickstarts 36.141 and 36.143 (the former being the 'original' A3000 SK) can't "see" the SCSI drive (on ID 6) - HDToolBox sees _something_ on the controller but can't identify it and PrepHD fails with a SCSI query failure. SK 2.04/37.175 works as expected.

Maybe the earlier Kickstarts expect something at a lower level that the final 2.0 release doesn't?

Let me know what I need to provide for debugging...

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Are you asking if there is something special about ID6?

The drive is prepared as a SuperKickstart capable Hard Drive? (i.e. pre-formatted to OFS/FFS with the right partitions and layout and device name with the file DEVS:Kickstart etc.)

How did you get to HDToolBox? Boot from a "SuperKickstart floppy disk" then use WorkBench install disk?

SK 2.04/37.175 works as expected.
You mean KS 2.04?
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No, just mentioned it was on the expected ID.

It is a "blank" hard file - not preformatted. PrepHD does the initial format/partitioning, layout, etc. It works fine from both versions of the A3000 Install Disk as long as you use Kickstart 2.04 - anything earlier fails but works on real hardware.

HDToolBox is included on the Install disk - yes, booting from SuperKickstart.

I meant SK - SuperKickstart


P.S.: I'm not always able to reproduce this 100% with HDT, but can do so 100% of the time with PrepHD.
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Old 30 September 2011, 11:28   #4
Toni Wilen
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What exactly hdtoolbox says? At least original A590 install disk only works with SCSI-1 devices. SCSI emulation normally emulates SCSI-2 drive.
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HDToolBox shows "unknown" for all fields on a fresh HDF with SK 2.0, but the correct UAE identifier with SK 2.04. That's not so bad, since you don't really _need_ HDT...but PrepHD saying that the SCSI query failed is more odd. Again, works fine with 2.04, only fails on earlier 2.0 SKS versions (which is very strange since one of them actually originally shipped with the 3000, and what leads me to believe there is some subtle hardware behavior that isn't being emulated that is 3000-specific).
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