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Help with checking content of raw dump

I am in the process of dumping some disks and came across some that doesn't seen to contain much as far as I can see. The three disks are supposedly containing the Hugo game, but they are not originals so I would expect them to just be plain DOS disks. However, I can only identify content on disk 1 track 0.0. The rest are neither AmigaDOS or MFM tracks. Kaffer's disk-analyse does not recognize them either so do they actually contain anything?

Booting off disk 1 in a real Amiga causes it to read a few tracks and then stop at a black screen, however this is in an accelerated Amiga so it is not a proper test but I do not have a plain Amiga around right now to test it with.

I have put the raw files here and was hoping someone else could check them out and verify whether they are indeed empty:

It just seems odd to me that one track on disk 1 is AmigaDOS and the rest are unidentified as if it was a protected original..

Edit: And checking the boot block, it does seem to have contained something from Hugo since there is a string there with 'Er du gal, hvor jeg hader crackere - hilsen Hugo', so it does seem to fit the label.
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