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Secret Vampire
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Drive interface options for A4000

So, I've got this DIY Towerised A4000D.
Right now it's got a slightly overclocked A3640 processor, and a Prometheus with ethernet and a really bad S3 graphics card attached.
This leaves me using the motherboard IDE for hard drive and CD, which isn't really adequate.
So, I need something a bit better, ideally SCSI, since I don't have any spare fast IDE drives, but do have some decent SCSI ones. Right now, I have available (but inconveniently located nowhere near me) an A2091, a GVP 4000HC+8 (currently inside A2000), an Oktagon that might be broken, a couple of IVS overdrives, an A2090, and an IVS Trumpcard Grand slam (which is here, but seems unhappy with the A4000).
All these are Zorro II, which puts limits on how much performance I'll get, but a good one should still be an improvement over the IDE. So, the picture that's in my brain suggests that the Oktagon or Trumpcard should be the best performers, unfortunately they're also the least likely to work, after that, the GVP is probably the best bet, followed by the 2091 as a last resort. The A2090 and overdrives are discounted due to their being not very good.
So, any suggestions on which route to go? or other options which hopefully don't cost a fortune. Ideally I'd get a fastlane or some kind of accelerator with SCSI onboard, but my budget does not stretch that far.
The only other option I can think of is some kind of PCI card attached to the Prometheus, but that wouldn't be bootable, if drivers were even available, unless I could perform some kind of magic with a flash device, or vestigal IDE drive to load the Prometheus drivers before booting properly.

I'm running OS 3.5 right now, but that should make no difference.
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Heys SV,

Looks like your about to do what I have been planneing the last 5 months to do.

I am going to be using the GVP 4000HC+8 in combination with 2 50 to 68 pin adapter and a further 2 U2W 9.1GB SCSI disks (10k 3.5ns cheatas no less ) as well as a SCSI Teac CDRW.

the adapters you can get very cheaply from ebay. what also might be a good idea is a terminator if you have one (again ebay is cheap enough). personally I am gonna use an external 50pin centronics passive terminator.
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Secret Vampire
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I have more adaptors, cables, and terminators than I care to think about

Right now, drive-wise, I've got a couple of 4.5GB UW ones, probably 7200 RPM, and a 1GB narrow one which I got from a car boot sale, and by some miracle was actually Amiga formatted to begin with, nothing particularly interesting on it though. I've got one of those 10k cheetahs too, but it's loud, and it's also an SCA drive residing in a Sun workstation.
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Zetro - don't use passive terminators, use active. And if at all possible, obtain 50-68pin adaptors that terminate the high bytes, just to be safe, and ensure a narrow device is the last device in the chain. Tends to avoid problems
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