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Question Ipac with fs-uae?

I have built an arcade based around the Ipac2 controller board (which emulates keyboard presses). How can I use this within FS-UAE to function as a joystick please? Anyone have any experience like this?

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You can map keyboard- to joystick events using custom input mapping. https://fs-uae.net/input-mapping
Example for wasd:
keyboard_key_a = action_joy_0_left
keyboard_key_d = action_joy_0_right
keyboard_key_s = action_joy_0_down
keyboard_key_w = action_joy_0_up
You'll get the idea...
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Great. Thanks
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With the recent development version, it is also possible to add "custom keyboard joysticks". The advantage of this is that the keymappings is not tied to a specific amiga port.

See for example: https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-u.../docs/x-arcade
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yeleek, have you been able to make it working properly by any chance?

I've got an Xtension controller which is based on Mini-PAC (same family as I-PAC). I've spent several hours into it and haven't been able to configure it properly yet . The best I could get was to use default keyboard and invert left/right ctrl, but then I can only use 1 button.

FS-UAE detects the "Mini-PAC" joystick but it's not working. The joystick buttons mapper doesn't accept keyboard entries, and only some of the vjoy emulated entries.

Using vjoy, I managed to get 2 buttons working, but the screen freezes (lag) while I hold any joystick position so it's unplayable that way too.

There's x360ce that seems to better emulate x360 gamepad (real x360 gamepad just works built-in) but it doesn't support keyboard inputs. Using vjoy + x360ce doesn't work either.

I tried several ways to create a custom keyboard joystick config based on x-arcade (prefered method). I usually manage to figure out this kind of stuff without too much trouble based on docs and/or a few examples, but this is ridiculously complicated to setup (or maybe it's just getting too late ).

Frode, is there any documentation on x-arcade config besides the x-arcade.md on github and the Input Options section from the FS-UAE docs?

The FS-UAE/Data/Devs/Keyboards/X-Arcade.ini file refers to "default_xarcade.conf" but it seems to be missing and fs-uae reverts to input/unknown.conf which doesn't work. I tried removing the "include" line, but no matter what I try nothing works except the fire button works with this config in FS-UAE\Data\Devs\Keyboards\Mini-PAC.ini:

name = Mini-PAC
type = keyboard
attached = 1

key_up = up
key_down = down
key_left = left
key_right = right
key_lctrl = 1

Basically, the Mini-PAC sends keyboard keys like the X-Arcade and emulates mouse using trackball + 2 buttons.

Xtension controller default Keys goes like this:

1P up = up arrow
1P down = down arrow
1P left = left arrow
1P right = right arrow
1P B1 = lctrl
1P B2 = lalt
1P B3 = space
1P B4 = shift
1P B5 = z
1P B6 = x
1P B7 = c
1P B8 = v
1P coin = 5
1P start = 1

2P up = r
2P down = f
2P left = d
2P right = g
2P B1 = a
2P B2 = s
2P B3 = g
2P B4 = w
2P B5 = i
2P B6 = k
2P B7 = j
2P B8 = l
2P coin = 6
2P start = 2

Menu = tab
Select = enter
Pause = p
Exit = esc
Any help with this would be REALLY appreciated.
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Ok, so it turned out my custom ini file was working all this time, but for some reason the controller (or Windows) had glitched and after an unplug/replug, up/down/left/right + button 1 are working. I'm still fighting with other buttons though.

Btw, on the "ridiculously complicated" part in my previous post, I should've said "extremely confusing" instead (AND it was getting very late, lol), because the files can be in multiple locations and examples tend to differ from what's written in the docs.

E.g. the Custom Input Mapping page mention we should use devicename_eventname, but in the X-Arcade FS.ini the devicename isn't used.

E.g. the Input Actions list mention I should configure buttons as:


However, the X-Arcade.ini on github simply use "1", "2", and "3" instead and it works.

I currently have buttons set like this:

key_lctrl = 1
key_lalt = 2
key_space = 3rd_button

The fs-uae.log.txt file says:

read config for Mini-PAC for menu (from Devs\Keyboards\Mini-PAC.ini)
key_down (274) => action "down" (4)
key_left (276) => action "left" (1)
did not find action for "2"
key_right (275) => action "right" (2)
key_up (273) => action "up" (3)
did not find action for "3rd_button"
did not find action for "1"

yet, buttons 1 and 3 work just fine, but button 2 doesn't.

If I configure button 1 as the doc says:
key_lctrl = fire_button

The fs-uae.log.txt file still mention
did not find action for "fire_button"

however, button 1 works to start the game, but won't fire after the game started.

I'm testing using Turrican II, which has 3 buttons working with the xbox360 controller. I'm still fighting with remapping button 2 though, and not sure at all how to test other buttons.
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Did anyone get the iPac running? I have a i-Pac2 board waiting for me in the post office, I'm going to replace the X-Arcade board.

And on a boat, crossing the Atlantic is a little arcade kabinet for a 32" monitor from Recroommaster with a "small" 4 player Xtension controller... I guess it has a i-Pac4 inside.

I have set up Launchbox with FS-UAE for WHDLoad games (Commodore Amiga), and WinUAE for CD32 and CDTV iso's. So I will need to figure out how to set up the controller...

Just waiting for this workday to end, so I can pick up my i-Pac2 and destroy my X-Arcade dual stick.
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Just upgraded my X-Arcade DualStick with a i-Pac2.
I programmed my sticks and buttons as gamepads.

Worked great in FS-UAE.

I attached my IPC file for use in WinIPAC and the controller file in FS-UAE.
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