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For a beginner what Program and Program language would you recommend?

For a beginner what Program and Program language would you recommend?

Many years ago on my Amiga I did a bit in Amos and Blitz Basic but nothing to advance, since then at college did a bit of Virtual Basic, forgotten most of it, lol and then I learnt the basics program languages of internet codes like html, asp, php, css, JavaScript, and flash code.

I wondering what program languages I should learn, I just got Hollywood and Hollywood designer for my X1000 so hoping I can learn a bit about that code, what I aim to hopefully make is a quiz game so nothing too advance to begin with.

But also I like to try and lean a language that can work anywhere not just on the Amiga, I know hollywood you kinda of can make apps for all platforms, but I dont know if their going to be enough tutorials, guides and help/support with that code, was thinking html5 and Java as that can run on anything, or Python that seems quite a global code or is their something easier like Basic that will work on all platforms?
Was thinking like JAMOS, if I followed old tutorials in my Amiga mags would they work on this?

So what do guys think I should start.thanks for help.
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Originally Posted by amigang View Post
Was thinking like JAMOS, if I followed old tutorials in my Amiga mags would they work on this?
jAMOS is still in development, and isn't really suitable for beginners at this stage, however it does come with several built-in examples for demonstration purposes. I recently added some support for procedures. It should eventually support full AMOS syntax, so those tutorials would be fine then.

In the meantime, you may like my emulation packs for AMOSPro for various platforms. The OS4 version should work on your X1000. I plan an improved version for Windows when WinUAE 2.4 gets a final release.
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Blitz Basic, I would say.
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Learn c or it's varients. seems to be the language of choice in the modern world so why mess about with anything else.
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python and java then

not that I know a great deal about these languages and I don`t think you can do java on an amiga (yet) but this is now, other than that it going be a form of basic but u been there so its about time you got ya head round C
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For a beginner - definitely Blitz Basic. It's fast, easy to learn and you can see your results VERY quickly. The IDE is also spot on. Skidmarks was written in Blitz and (if memory serves me correctly) so was Gloom.

After that - head for C. You can use some of the skills learnt in Blitz to improve your coding in C and there is a brilliant graphics and sound library called SDL (www.libsdl.org/) which makes flashy and noisy programs even easier to write.

Plus - SDL has libraries for Window$, Mac OSX and Linux, so, while the code won't be 100% portable, converting your programs to other platforms becomes a lot easier.

BTW - search these forums for games written in Blitz. There's a cracking Diary Of A Game thread here: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=62851

Be sure to post any stuff that you do

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