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WinUAE Loader + WHDLoad problem

First off, I know this isnt a direct Winuae problem - I figured its a problem for a subsection of winuae users, so it should go in this section? Sorry if it should not.


I've set up winuae loader, and downloaded the whdload set from here.

Unfortunately when I click the tools tab and Run Rom, the games list says

2155 of 2230 games found

The obvious games I've seen missing so far (from my 'must have' games list, haha) are speedball 2, xenon 2, legend of kyrandia, frontier, kick off 2, and mega lo mania. I checked that they are in my amiga games folder along with all the other games that do show up, and they are.

Now from what I've read on other forums (here and here) there are a few small problems with the winuae loader whdload.xml file.

I was about to roll my sleeves up and try to find what games are missing and have a go* at editing the xml file to include them, but maybe someone else has done already, and could pass their completed file along? Or perhaps knows what to enter into it for the above games.

*blind wild guess
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Just a guess, but maybe the GB Amiga finder searches for older slave versions. Try to download some older versions from http://www.whdownload.com/ and try it again.
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Thanks again, cyber druid.

Unfortunately I cant see any older versions on that site, they seem to mostly be the versions I have downloaded.

I've been looking at entries for games in the xml file.

Buggy Boy contains: WHDLoad="BuggyBoy.slave PRELOAD BUTTONWAIT;"

Speedball contains: WHDLoad="Speedball.slave PRELOAD;"

I was wondering, is there something in a whdload games zip file that is used to generate the WHDLoad= line?
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Is there a line before those entries which moves to the game directory?

Maybe they are not correct?
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sorry, i'm not entirely sure what you mean...

the xml file is just a series of entries for every game, this is how the beginning looks. no entries at all for the missing games i mentioned above.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<WHDLoad Version="2.5" NumGames="2229">
<Game Name="1000 Miglia" FileName="WHDLoad\1000Miglia_v1.1b.zip" ScrnshotFilename="0\1000_Miglia.png" UseMouse="True" PalNTSC="0" Cd="dh1:1000Miglia;" WHDLoad="1000Miglia.slave PRELOAD;" UAEConfig="cpu_speed=real|immediate_blits=false|cpu_compatible=false|cpu_cycle_exact=false|blitter_cycle_exact=false" />
<Game Name="1000cc Turbo" FileName="WHDLoad\1000ccTurbo_v1.0.zip" ScrnshotFilename="0\1000cc_Turbo.png" UseMouse="True" PalNTSC="0" Cd="dh1:1000ccTurbo;" WHDLoad="1000ccTurbo.slave PRELOAD;" UAEConfig="cpu_speed=real|immediate_blits=false|cpu_compatible=false|cpu_cycle_exact=false|blitter_cycle_exact=false" />
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lol, it was looking for older versions - i've no idea how i missed that even after you suggested it. too many things open at once i guess so;

legend of kyrandia - exists, but is given its full name of "Fables & Fiends - The Legend of Kyrandia, book one", works

megalomania - changed version number to match zip file, works

kick off 2 - changed version number, works

frontier - changed version number, works

speedball 2 - from another forum, pasted in this code, it works but seems a bit unstable. bottom of the screen flickers sometimes, and occasionally crashes.

<Game Name="Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe" FileName="speedball2_v1.0.zip" ScrnshotFilename="S/Speedball2.png" UseMouse="False" PalNTSC="0" Cd="dh1:speedball2;" WHDLoad="speedball2.slave PRELOAD;" UAEConfig="collision_level=playfields|cpu_speed=real|immediate_blits=false|cpu_compatible=false|cpu_cycle_exact=true|blitter_cycle_exact=true" />
xenon 2 - no entry at all so i tried the code above and swapped speedballs for xenons. seems fine!

<Game Name="Xenon 2 - Megablast" FileName="Xenon2_v1.9_1Disk_2234.zip" ScrnshotFilename="X/Xenon2.png" UseMouse="False" PalNTSC="0" Cd="dh1:xenon2;" WHDLoad="Xenon21Disk.Slave PRELOAD;" UAEConfig="collision_level=playfields|cpu_speed=real|immediate_blits=false|cpu_compatible=false|cpu_cycle_exact=true|blitter_cycle_exact=true" />
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