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Old 07 September 2006, 17:56   #21
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Hey guys. I made a mistake by offering a link to download GoldED. Sorry. I didn't read the website properly. Won't happen again. It's not dietmar fault at all.
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Originally Posted by Zetr0
dont get me wrong tony, thats the last thing i would want..
I think Tony was referring to the two kiddies who commented after Dietmar's second last post. Far too many people expect developers/publishers to offer software for nothing these days, especially if it's for a non-PC/Mac platform. If only they'd take a crack at some serious coding and develop a sizable piece of software over a number of years and offer ongoing support for it. I'd bet most would lose the irreverent attitudes they have towards guys like Dietmar in a real hurry.

Originally Posted by Amiga
dietmar, you know what ??
Speculators like you are the plague of the amiga scene !!
And your startling contribution to the Amiga scene would be????? I'll take a wild guess and say sweet FA.........and I bet that would be putting it mildly!

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even if the contribution was huge, that would remain an insult to someone that's just doing his work.
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Old 08 September 2006, 02:57   #24
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correct - there are already enough wankers on amiga.org and amiworld, EAB seems positively barren by comparison.
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dietmar, you know what ??
Speculators like you are the plague of the amiga scene !!
That is the single dumbest post I have ever read on EAB. (..and that includes all the "tranny butt fuck" posts)

Dietmar made the best text editor available on the Amiga, he has offered it many times for FREE (and full price when not free is only 10 friggin euros on CD), he politely explains that he doesn't want it distributed and you tell him he is a plague on the Amiga scene.

I think the Amiga scene would be a lot better with more people like Dietmar and less people like you.
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Old 08 September 2006, 07:05   #26
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this is a text editor? I thought it was a programming tool, lol
gonna check the demo...
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Old 08 September 2006, 08:47   #27
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Originally Posted by amiga
dietmar, you know what ??
Speculators like you are the plague of the amiga scene !!
This is a pathetic reply and is absolutely uncalled for!

Everyone has their own right to program their own software and SELL it. Don't accuse members of being the plague of the amiga scene when they are the complete opposite.

Remarks like this are what is killing the little bit of the scene that is left!
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Old 08 September 2006, 08:59   #28

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I think the confusion was the fact that it was free, and now it isn't anymore.

Anyway, there still is a version on the current site for download, only with ads, for those who want it.

As is obvious developers, who keep developing for the Amiga, deserve all the lawful payment for work.
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Old 08 September 2006, 09:03   #29
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The thing is the programmer has every right to run "FREE" promotions if he so feels.

Personally if amiga was simply confused and mistaken he wont mind apologising
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