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Optimal way of drawing sprites using RTG

I've got a bunch of 8bpp chunky sprites with palette transparency I want to draw using RTG (currently using CGX). As a quick solution I wrote a function that goes through every line, finds continuous runs of non-transparent pixels and draws these line segments. It works reasonably well for small sprites, but it gets slow as the width increases.
There must be a better way to do this, other than converting every sprite into a struct BitMap + bitmask combo at load time. Perhaps somebody knows a library with color key RTG blitting functions?
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I'm not really an expert on software sprites, but you could check out how SDL does it?
My guess is that there is not much to optimize beyond what you thought up, but like I said, I'm no expert and have never written a software sprite routine.
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I wouldn't look at SDL since it hardly supports 8 bit modes at all. I'd suggest Allegro 4's old RLE compressed or even compiled sprites. It's similar to yours but doesn't even store the transparent pixels at all! It just does memory copies for sprites that never intersect the border as inlined code.
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Thanks for the tips. Both RLE compression and compiled sprites would speed things up considerably, since most of the time is wasted on per-pixel comparisons. Unfortunately the game I'm working on generates many of these large sprites on the fly and they are only used once, so pre-compressing or compiling them is not an option. I'll probably get rid of them, since they are only used in intro and menu animations.
I'll check out Allegro 4 routines, it can still be useful for ingame sprites.
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