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Originally Posted by E-Penguin View Post
PaletteRange Palette#,StartCol,EndCol,r0,g0,b0,r1,g1,b1 

PaletteRange creates a spread of colors within a palette. Similar to DPaint's spread
function PaletteRange takes a start and end colour and creates the color tweens
between them.
Does this work for anyone? I just get black in all the colour registers. I've gone as far as writing my own RGB interpolation function (which, sadly, I just lost because I didn't press save) but surely there must be a way of getting this to work.
As promised, here's my fixed version, for interpolating through the RGB colourspace. I'm still working on an HSV version. Example interpolation attached.
; By Daniel Lakey, 2018
; Distributed under attribution (CC-BY) licence. 
; Use as you will, a credit would be nice :)
Function.w round{v.q}
	If Frac(v) >= 0.5
		Function Return (Int(v) + 1)
		Function Return int(v)
End Function

NewType .ntRGB
End NewType

Statement PaletteRangeFixed_RGB{palette_num.w, color_start_num.b, color_end_num.b, *start_rgb.ntRGB, *end_rgb.ntRGB}
	steps.b = (color_end_num - color_start_num)
	t.f = 1/steps
	For i=0 to steps
		r_step.b = round{*start_rgb\r + (*end_rgb\r - *start_rgb\r)*(t*i)}
		g_step.b = round{*start_rgb\g + (*end_rgb\g - *start_rgb\g)*(t*i)}
		b_step.b = round{*start_rgb\b + (*end_rgb\b - *start_rgb\b)*(t*i)}
		PalRGB palette_num, color_start_num + i, r_step, g_step, b_step
	Next i
End Statement

; .....

  ; Use Palette Range to set the rest of the colours
  PaletteRangeFixed_RGB{#P_1, 2, 6, a, b}
  PaletteRangeFixed_RGB{#P_1, 6, 10, a, b}
  PaletteRangeFixed_RGB{#P_1, 10, 15, a, b}
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I tested the PaletteRange command and it seems to work on classic Blitz 2.1 at least, but the color values given have to be between 0-255, even if it's an OCS screen with OCS palette.

Also you have to give the "Use Palette" or "DisplayPalette" command after PaletteRange, or else the changes won't take effect. So it works in the same way as PalRGB and other palette commands; the changes can't be seen until an Use Palette/DisplayPalette is executed.
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Is there a way to check disk activity?
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Not really, no. It might be possible to do it for floppies by checking the motor bit on the CIAs, but no equivalent exists for hard drives, and anyway, there's no guarantee that some other task doesn't start disk access between you checking and doing something else...
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Thanks.. I feared its like that...
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