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DPaint Artwork Revisited

Believe me when I say I've not created this thread for posterity. Far from it. Graham Humphrey (top guy!) has done me the biggest honour of ADFing several disks and out of 20+, only one has bitten the dust. Not bad after 20 years*. Anyhow, I loved DPaint IV and was forever messing with it trying out different effects (airbrush, pixel by pixel using magnify, etc.). The screenshots below are a few of what I achieved. One is unfinished for whatever reason so there's no excuses now for not completing it.

OK, mine are never going to be like those seen in the excellent demoscene disks and slideshows but I had never set out in the first place to top anyone else. The following is purely my style. Feedback/opinions more than welcome!

Cottages: This one was for my mum (RIP) who always wanted to live in the countryside in some picturesque cottages next to a meandering stream:

Fever Dreams. The following was a result of some weird dream I had. Very surreal.

My niece: If there's one thing I'm no good at drawing; and that's faces! However, this one, of my niece, didn't turn out too bad. Took a long while to get right that's for sure.

Green Lizard Now those with a good memory might recall the following picture. It's from the Forest of Doom fantasy book. Below is my original and then I completely modified the background and added some text (Green Lizard Productions). You'll find this in Poker Mania.

Tomb of Draula: I had so many big ideas back in the day and most of them never got of the starting block. There use to be a game called Tomb of Dracula (both on ZX81 and ZX Spectrum). There never appeared to be an Amiga version so I started to do some artwork and some AMOS code and stalled. This picture would had been the stairs guiding you to the next level.

Serenity. One of my personal favourite artwork which started of with a foreground (plants and bird) and then this was copied and pasted over a background, giving a feeling of depth.

**UPDATED** Includes finished artwork below!

Title unknown: I recall working on this one quite a lot but can't remember if it was for a game I intended doing or not! Yup, my memory is bad these days. The following two images are basically a work in progress. I'm determined to get this one finished but unsure what I should put in the background (as well as putting on the other giant snake's head!)? Any ideas?

Finished artwork entitled: Snakes Attack

Cliff Top View: - This one was mostly done using airbrush mode (can you tell?) and took about an hour.

Switchblade (WIP): (remember the game?). This one is unfinished as you can tell. The colours are all wrong but it is an early work in progress. Colour palettes tend to go through all shades before I'm happy.

Connect 4: Yet another attempt at doing graphics for a connect 4 type game written in AMOS. As there were already several on the block, I decided against coding one.

The Wizards Children - Steps into the Unknown: As mentioned above, I'm no good drawing faces so this attempt was to try and prove that I can. Purely black on white drawing. These were obviously copied by hand from a book (Forest of Doom maybe?) or something. However, the idea was to produce some kind of text adventure using AMOS.

So there we have. There are a couple others but these make up my game, Poker Mania and it would spoil the game if I put them here.

*Apart from artwork, the other disks are music modules and all my Poker Mania code and stuff.

Last edited by quahappy; 22 June 2015 at 19:19. Reason: Includes finished Snakes Attack picture
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Awesome stuff Thank you for sharing them with us!
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Some of these are brilliant

EDIT: The forest of Doom, that brings back good memories!
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So Good! And just in time for Amiga Day. I'm inspired to go to my parent's house and dig through their basement for any old childhood floppies. There's got to be a few DPaint save files left over.
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These are fantastic!
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Excellent pixel art in style which is rare today.
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Into the Wonderful

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Nice work! You should ass these to the Pixel Pushers group
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That's some nice pixel artin' quehappy!
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Fantastic art
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Congrats pal
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Amigan - an loving it!!
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These are great. It's quite refreshing to see some decent pixel art in a world full of 3D rendering. I especially like the Cottages pic. Please feel free to post more
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Very nice work Quahappy, really like the cottages image. The "my niece" image I would change the skin colouring so it's not quite so garish and saturated. Fever Dreams looks like a nice colour cycling design. Hope you keep posting more.
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Absolutely amazing. You sir are quite the artist!
The cottage one blew me away, great use of palette.
You're actually a very skilled pixeller, your work wouldn't look out of place in a Cinemaware game!
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They're all awesome! Old-school high-quality pixel art there, congrats!
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Excellent work man! really love the cottage pic
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Thank you for all your kind words, comments and positive feedback! Really appreciate it.

I've updated the first post (images are no longer attachments but linked to image hosting site) and included some more artwork with blurb. That's basically all of 'em I believe. Well, I think so anyway lol . However, I'm keen to brush up on my DPaint skills(!) and finish off the ones that are not complete.

For reference, all artwork was done 320x256 resolution using 32 colours (apart from The Wizards Children).

Last edited by quahappy; 02 June 2015 at 00:21.
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Seemed like second nature working with DPaint after 20 years! Anyhow, I've been working on my unfinished "Title Unknown" picture and here's a snapshot of progress so far (see two pictures in my first post for comparison). The second snake head is on. Just need to smooth out the edges.

Click image for larger version

Name:	snakeattackprogress.PNG
Views:	248
Size:	77.6 KB
ID:	44429
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Pixel Blender!

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Your Work sir is Superb...more...more...more...!!!!

as you mentioned over 20 disks of stuff, so I reckon this is only about maybe 1-2.

great stuff.
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Thanks for the kind words, Greyfox!

That's the main artwork I did. Other bits that I've not shown are muck abouts. Might post them.

The other disks out of the 20+ contained my AMOS Pro programs / OctaMED and SONIX modules and that's about it.
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Great work.

I used to spend hours on DPaint. I don't think I have any of it left now even print outs I made. No way near the quality of your work.

The one I remember most was a copy of the 'No Limit' music single cover by '2 Unlimited'.
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