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xbox(not 360) /amiga emulater help!!!!!!!!!!!!

help please!!, when i play my winuae(xport) on my xbox (old black one with softmod)not 360, i can hear sound but no pictures/graphics of the game,every game is like this????it used to work and one day it stopped,if i pause the game to config it i can see a small picture of the game in the top right hand corner,but when i go back to game all i get is a black screen with sound,i have reconfig/put back to default machine settings and nothing works,any support would be great thank you in advance
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just a thought !
Are you using a new Tv ?
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Lemon Curry ?

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Try deleting all saves\configs. (E:\SAVES\AMIGA)

Also updating to WinUAEX v18 is highly recommended as some memory leaks has been fixed.

See this thread
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thanks il
l give it ago!!
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Originally Posted by Genlock View Post
just a thought !
Are you using a new Tv ?
no i think im using an old tv,however i will try it on an even older tv set and take it from there ,,thanks...
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Originally Posted by bowfell View Post
if i pause the game to config it i can see a small picture of the game in the top right hand corner,but when i go back to game all i get is a black screen with sound
Have you tried re-sizing the game screen? It could be that somehow your 'game screen' has been re-sized and/or moved from the visible area of your TV, thus giving you a black screen but with sound... ie the game graphics are playing, just on a part of the display that you can't see. This would also explain why you can see it on the preview screen when you pause the emulation.

If this has happened, and you've played around with the configs, this config could have been set to 'use globally' thus over-writing all your previous settings and explaining why none of the games now work, when previously they all did...

Just a thought... Also, as Retroplay says, try WinUAEX v18 - it is an awesome Xbox update and may just fix this issue for you.
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thanks for your time to write,,,ill let no know
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thanks for the advice..

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