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My elbow tastes of icky

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Confessions of an arcade gamer

I can't take it any more, I have to get it off my chest!

When I was about 10 or 11 years old I spent the weekend at a north west UK theme park in a caravan with my parents (I won't name it in case they hunt me down and prosecute me). I struck up friendships with some kids of a similar age, and when we weren't riding rollercoasters we began hanging around in the arcades.

Leaning against the sliding shelf coin redemption machine mental torture device (you know the one where you keep dropping in coins at the top to add to the pile in pitiful hope of nudging other coins or a prize off the edge of the shelf, down the shoot and into your grubby mitts?), it dawned on me that the odds were stacked against the punter and it would be much more lucrative if we just just subtlety bashed our backsides against the machine to create a coin avalanche.

Fully expecting an alarm to sound and a burly security guard to give chase with a bat, we primed ourselves to bolt towards the nearest exit as we accidentally-on-purpose begin shaking the apples from the tree. Low and behold, no alarm sounded and no-one batted an eyelid when hundreds of 20 pence pieces were dislodged from their precarious perches and made us rich!

For the rest of the weekend we played every arcade game in the building for free and repeated the process whenever the coffers ran dry, all the while sucking on sausage, eggs and bacon-shaped edible rock which we bought from the gift shop with our ill-gotten gains.

Stealing's OK if you give it all back surely, or am I going to hell?
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R.I.P Smudge 18-08-16

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Heaven or Hell, lets hope there are Arcades
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I remember when I went to France on a school trip that the two pence piece was the same size as the 1 Franc coin, so armed with a pocket-full of them I played every arcade game on the ferry, the service stations to the resort and the resort itself for a whole week. Blissful.

Some machines required some backspin on the 2p coin to have it registered but I don't think a single machine denied me playing on it. The teachers caught onto my little trick but couldn't control all us kids at once so they ended up using the same trick in vending machines.
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Este.... yes, you are going directly to hell, sorry.
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