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No more cheap keyboards

They always have a key or two quit working and that defeats the whole keyboard. This time it's the shift key but the right shift key are never used.

I'd never think of switching to it no matter what as old habit die hard.

So I bought a gaming keyboard and it's like $10-$15 more than what I usually pay for a keyboard. This one is guaranteed 20 million key strokes so it should last me a while longer.

It simulates a mechanical keyboard but it's a membrane tactical feedback type. Very interesting. It's a Steelseries Apex 100 and it's got a blue backlight which is dimmable.
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I have a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013, but for the last couple of years I have been having an issue with keys repeating. It has a nice feel to it but the repeat kills my typing flow (I'm already a terrible typist)
In better news I ordered the Kipper2K A1200 replacement keyboard almost $200 just waiting delivery.
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Get a true mechanical keyboard man, not only they can support pressing ANY and ALL keys at once, the clicketty clacky sound of the blue switches is music to my ears. Or the lack of in case of red ones if that's what you like.
Not to mention the lifetime of pressess.

It is difficult to get one with a huge Enter key though, the fat reversed-L one taking two lines, UK layout I think?, it's my fetish.

They are a bit more expensive, but if you don't want RGB christmas tree lighting, airplane-steering knobs and extra function keys all over the place you can get a minimalistic one for ~$50, like the Genesis Thor 300 I have, the full one, not TKL.

EDIT: Here you can test how many keys you can press at once: https://elitekeyboards.com/switchhitter.php

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I am on opposite side of MR. Shoonay here. I prefer keyboard that looks like modern day laptop keyboard. For past 10 or more years I am happy user of Logitech Solar Powered K750 keyboard.

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I guess you don't game much? I had a low-profile one for years back in, like, 15 years ago or so, it felt very different from what I was accustomed to, but I couldn't afford a new one or never really bothered. Finally my spacebar snapped under pressure of playing some game, and borrowing a really old beige one from his old PC felt refreshing like returning to your home planet and peeing after a year of holding it.
Suddenly I could feel that I'm pressing something, and it really helped to press the button as hard as I can during a heated moment, even though I realised it didn't do nothing.
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Y'all with your fancy keyboards. I went for this cheap and silent Cherry one and it is perfect for my cross-over gaming and programming needs:


I can't say yet if it will last for a long time, I've been hacking away on it for about a month now. Took me a while to get used to the flat enter key though.
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Mechanical all the way. My lovely Cougar keyboard uses Cherry keys.

I hammer the keys when I am typing and people in the same TS channel as me get the shits because they can hear it. This is the first keyboard that has lasted more than a few months.
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