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Interested in coding on the amiga.

I'm done a little bit of C/C++ on windows (using MinGW). Farthest I've gotten was making a small dos text-based fighting game (based on old bbs doors). I've also written 2 small C# / Silverlight games for facebook (1 is 1/2 done).

I'm looking at writing possibly a board game or maybe a shooter. The shooter could be static background at first. Not sure what would be an easy genre of game to make.

I'm thinking SAS/C would be the best starting point for me, unless something suggests otherwise. I learn best with lots of well documented examples etc.
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SAS/C is a good choice. But be aware that it is old and no longer maintained. There is neither support for 64-bit integer nor for C99. The 68k code generator, on the other side, is excellent.

You will also need the AmigaOS system header files (NDK3.1 or NDK3.9), in case your copy of SAS/C doesn't include those already.

Additionally the NDK provides you with documentation (autodocs) about each operating system function.

Depending on which target hardware you have in mind (plain A500 or 68060-based with graphics card?) you may want to program the hardware directly. Then you should also get the Amiga Hardware Reference Manual (describing the ECS hardware). For AGA registers there are some inofficial docs flying around on the net.
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There's a thread about programming in AmigaE with meetings in IRC. Perhaps you'll find what you want there:

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I was looking at programming something for the stock A500 / A1200 initially. I wasn't sure if I should use Amos Pro, SAS/C, Blitz Basic, Asm-Pro, etc. Figured with the little bit of programming I actually know, from C/C++/C#, SAS/C might be the best bet. I'll take a look at AmigaE and see what I think. Definitely want to use something people are familiar with and has lot of good documentation,as I'll probably have lots of questions.
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Doing a text-based game or a board game should be possible in C for an A500. When you need more speed and more resources on this hardware the only option is to bypass the operating system and write your code in 68000 assembler.

I guess there are lots of experts here for all languages (C, E, Basic, Assembler). Choose what fits you and your intentions best.
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I've been working with Cammy to write an adventure game library in AmigaE. AmigaE works well and integrates with Assembly well also. Just don't go writing shared libraries with it since there are design flaws with the library mode. Also, if you plan on using multiple return codes, keep them in the same source as your application code because the module generation doesn't work right with multiple return codes. Lastly, don't nest the function form of the IF keyword (the AmigaE equivalent of the ? : operators in C). Those are all of the bugs I can think of in the compiler.
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I do all of my C/C++ work on a Windows box running AmiDevCpp, another option is to code on a real Amiga/WinUae using a Storm C V4
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I mess around in assembly, but I've had a look at Blitz and tinker with it for doing small bits n pieces.
You can get some immediate results (which is always good when you start looking into something new) with minimal frustration. Documentation and examples are easy to find on the web, and the inline assembly is pretty straight forward, if you were looking at eventually heading in that direction.

I'd at least have a quick look at it.
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