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Lightbulb Unofficial version of Centurion PL, needing WHDLoad support...

Got me hands recently on this great little version of Centurion, that I've finished back in the days...
		   ------>    POLSKA   WERSJA   <-------
		   ------>   C E N T U R I O N  <------- 

         33333             A     M     M   I    GGGG     OOOO    SSSSS
   	     3            A A    MM   MM   I   G    G   O    O   S   S
  	     3           A   A   M M M M   I   G        O    O   S
 	  3333   <====>  AAAAA   M  M  M   I   G        O    O   SSSSS
 	     3           A   A   M     M   I   G  GGG   O    O       S
 	     3           A   A   M     M   I   G    G   O    O   S   S
 	 33333           A   A   M     M   I    GGGG     OOOO    SSSSS
		   ------>  SZUJMEN  &  GRZECHU  <------ 

        	   ------->  Musimy uczyc sie  <--------	
		   ------->   jezykow obcych   <--------
		   ------->  BO NIE POGADAMY ! <--------

> Doszlismy do wniosku, ze byloby za proste gdyby wszystko bylo po polsku. <
>            Przeciez nie wszedzie znaja jezyk polski. No NIE ?            <
		   ------> Sosnowiec 07.07.1991 <-------
I've tried to simply copy the floppies to the HD and it works perfectly. From start to finish. Despite the untranslated negotiation scripts, many translation errors and a few graphical bugs here and there, there's nothing that can keep you from finishing it.
Believe me, I just actually did finish it.

The problems start with the WHDLoad version from KG's pack (obviously), that I cheaply overwritten with this one.
It loads fine, intro shows and so is the map, the options, loading/saving, everything on the city menu, but when you move your army onto another province and the negotiations suppose start, it hangs with a graph bug on screen...
There's still a chance it's just my config, had only tried it with whdload *.slave preload so could you guys check it too? KG? R-N? I've uploaded it to TheZone! Thanks.

Anyways, as you've obviously guessed, I was hoping, that since it wouldn't (hopefully...) be needing to completely rewrite the slave file, cause it's the same game, so, when you'd got some spare time there JOTD, could you please add the support for this version, too?
That would be like *AWESOME*, you know.

PS: Drodzy SZUJMEN & GRZECHU, jeśli kiedyś/gdzieś/skądś wpadniecie tu i znajdziecie ten post, a nawet właśnie go czytacie...
Dzięki! Odwaliliście kawał świetnej roboty!

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If you really need this you can use generic kickemu slave. I will not probably fix problems with processor but you can try.
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