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Smile Amiga 2000 and skicking a different kickstartversion


Maybe I am askingin the wrong place, sorry for that but this seemed the best place to ask.

I dug up my old a2000 last weekend and managed to get it working more or less. At least it has network, but I had to remove the picasso II board and also the gvp hd/memory board somehow refused to work with my appollo 030 board.
my scandoubler/flikkerfixer is working but every time floppy or hd is accessed I get a lot of distortion in my monitor.

Anyway it has been a looong time since i used it and really amazing it still works, it even survided a fire once and it still has black spots and rusty parts on the inside.

I did get loads of (recoverable) software failures though and after some research I noticed that I have workbench 3.0 (maybe even 3.1) installed but I run kickstart 2.x (37.175)

So I went arround digging through the startup-sequence en user-startup but no reference to any softkick.

Then I remembered I used to have 2 a2000 and this was the spare, the otherone was build in a tower and at somepoint U just threw all cards and diskdrives from the (badly modded) tower in to the standard a2000 and put it away. I gues I forgot to change the rom.

Anyway I have been trying to softkick (skick rekick) a different kickstart but it refuses to work.

Most kickstarts will not beloaded by skick because it complains that I do not have the relocation file and there is not space to load the kickstart to the orignal position. I got one to load (39.106 with a600 RTB) but then it just keeps resetting until I turn the thing of.

Is there any specific kickstart version I should look for to skick an a2000?

Would it be an idea to put an 1.3 kickstartrom from my a500 into the a2000 and then use zkick to kick into somthing higher than 37.175?

Could it be my apollo board that screwsup?

If I remove it I can put back the gvp board but many commands seem to be 030 (or atleast 020) versions (in specific amitcp , I only have 020 version on the hd)

I have 2mb chip and 16 mb simms on the 030 board

I noticed that there are many questions and answers about this subject only almost none related to an a2000. Is/was this system so rare?

Okay while I am at it.

I am looking for a brikette joystick adapter for the cdtv. The whole reason that I dug up my a2000 was to write amiga disk to play then om the cdtv.

Anything else that works is fine to als long as it allows me to use 2 joysticks at the same time.

I rather not solder in the cdtv. looks too fragile to me. Als amazed that things still works. cd player makes lots of noise but still works too.

Okay thanks for your help.


ps I did forget how cool amigados/shell was working now I am upset again am forced to work with pc's
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Just get an a2000 3.1 image and then use skick with that. Suitable reloc files can be found in the mkick package, along with a tool to convert them for skick use.

The gvp board should be compatible with skick.

Install cygwin to your windows box to get a powerful shell.
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For the flickering video when the floppy acts: your PSU don't have enough juice to manage it, or the caps in PSU are dried (=dead).

That's a simple matter of replace the PSU caps, specially the 5V and 12V ones.

The A2000 motherboard is very well constructed, but electrolytic caps die from advanced age. The regular ones (as the built-in in A2000/500) are last-longers, but sometimes they goes east...

Much time after the mini-SMD caps on A1200/600 gone, obviously.
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So which kickfiles can beused with a2000? I never see 2000 versions. kan I use a500 or a600 versions for the a2000?

This is part of the mkick archive:

1995 KSHD/Kick39106.A1200.kick
[generic] 120 160 75.0% -lh5- 3beb Jan 1 1995 KSHD/Kick39106.A1200.kshd
[generic] 3703 5446 68.0% -lh5- 25cd Jan 1 1995 KSHD/Kick39110.A500.BETA.kick
[generic] 513 1047 49.0% -lh5- fb03 Jan 1 1995 KSHD/Kick39110.A500.BETA.kshd
[generic] 3442 5142 66.9% -lh5- 0cf4 Jan 1 1995 KSHD/Kick39115.A3000.BETA.kick
[generic] 197 365 54.0% -lh5- 45c1 Jan 1 1995 KSHD/Kick39115.A3000.BETA.kshd
[generic] 3442 5142 66.9% -lh5- 6157 Jan 1 1995 KSHD/Kick39115.A3000SK.BETA.kick
[generic] 197 365 54.0% -lh5- 87b8 Jan 1 1995 KSHD/Kick39115.A3000SK.BETA.kshd
[generic] 3401 5062 67.2% -lh5- f1a9 Jan 1 1995 KSHD/Kick40003.A3000.BETA.kick
[generic] 190 349 54.4% -lh5- 7ebf Jan 1 1995 KSHD/Kick40003.A3000.BETA.kshd
[generic] 3933 5684 69.2% -lh5- d3e1 Jan 1 1995 KSHD/Kick40038.A600.BETA.kick
[generic] 1086 2066 52.6% -lh5- 3f23 Jan 1 1995 KSHD/Kick40038.A600.BETA.kshd
[generic] 3424 5102 67.1% -lh5- a006 Jan 1 1995 KSHD/Kick40063.A600.kick
[generic] 309 484 63.8% -lh5- 1f25 Jan 1 1995 KSHD/Kick40063.A600.kshd
can I use Kick40063.A600.kick?

And yes I have cygwin allready. But I really love the way you can assign often use folders a name. Saves soo many typing. or can I do that in cywin linux too? (besides creating links?)

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SKick comes with the RTB's there is no need to use MKick ones. A2000 uses A500 kickstart, not A600.

Try disabling the RAM on the GVP card and just using the RAM on the Apollo.
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A500/600/2000 all use the same kickstarts. It is sometimes important what memory range you kick it to (crashes when trying to skick to 32bit accelerator ram). Use sysinfo to find where your boards are mapped.

If the defaults do not work, try a giving skick a different RAM area.
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