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Not specifically for the Amiga, but I use a Logitech z5500 set.
The Amiga sounds great on them!
Even though the A1200 is only stereo.

And also a pair of Altec Lansing Gateway 2000 speakers, whenever I remember I have them.

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At home = Mains Powered Genius SP-G06

Otherwise = Couple of Rechargeable Kocaso BlueTooth Speakers.
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Back in time, used the Monitor integrated speaker. Later plugged the Amiga to subwoofer speakers and later to a Sony system (can't remember the model).
Once I had the opportunity and plugged the Amiga to a Cabasse Hi-Fi system for a plain afternoon. Even if it was a short experience, I will never forget it. Was so goooood ! Much better than my Sony .
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I use the same speakers as I use for my PC and all other computers at my work desk - a pair of Dynaudio Excite X18 speakers:

They just deliver great sound without any spacy design features or flashing blue/RGB LEDs.

Edit: And in my opinion they deliver much crisper bass performance than any subwoofer system can. A subwoofer based system almost always have issues at the cross over point between the sub and the satellites. Also since the sub radiates sound from a single point, the bass level will change a lot when you move around in the room which is less of an issue when you have two sources like in a stereo setup.

It can be argued that some of the sound may have been designed with crap speakers in mind, but since there were hundreds of different monitors, TVs and speaker systems in use back then, it would be impossible to point to something specific and say 'this is the reference system that this music was produced for'. Personally I think that C64 and Amiga sounds better on proper speakers. It may not be period correct, but that is not what I am going for.

Some graphics were also designed with RF modulators and bad TVs in mind and can look quite different when you look at it on a good monitor with an RGB connection. I still generally prefer the RGB connection even if it may be less correct.

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Having connected my A1200 to an old Lifetec 21" CRT TV it produced decent stereo sound. Although the picture is generally pretty good some 'warping' is noticeable each side of the speakers (insufficient magnetic shielding, I guess?). A second option is my 14" Sony Trinitron CRT TV. The picture is great BUT it only has a mono speaker (though still sounds better than my 'modern' 19" Sony Flat screen TV's 'tinny' stereo speakers!). My third option is rigging it up to my Technics SU-V600 Amp and Technics SB-EX3 floor standing speakers...... then it's 'BOOM, BOOM, SHAKE THE ROOM!'...... total overkill but sounds great
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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
You have tested them all ?
Some stuff will sound amazing. Some other will sound crap.
TVs and monitors always have built-in speakers as an afterthought. Definitely don't use crappy speakers because some games have crappy sound.

But that doesn't mean you have to get expensive speakers. Stereos ("receivers") from early/mid 1990s have fine components and decent speakers, and can be had in thrift shops for virtually no money at all. My best one is a Philips 80W with big speakers.

And a PC 2.1 system is pretty OK too, as long as the speakers aren't plastic. The speakers are usually quite small though, which means any subwoofer will take over; there won't be much oomph in the rest of the frequencies. I have one such for the living room Amiga, and it's pretty good, but not the best.

And a very few "mobile party speakers" with AUX are OK. I have a really good one for demoparties, but even though it's stereo, it's mono because it's so small. And even though it's loud, frequency response varies with volume. It's my third best.

So basically just get something you'd consider playing CDs on, and you're in the right ballpark and will get good sound without breaking the bank.

A speaker on either side of the monitor with a few inches of air is perfect stereo separation. Not too much, not too little.
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