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Amiga games with adjustable window sizes

I was just adding Captain Planet to the next update of my CD32 disc and noticed the game has an adjustable game window size using F1-F4 as well as a NTSC/PAL realtime screen mode switch, i know some games have the NTSC/PAL switch Flink etc but does anyone know any other games that have the ability to readjust the window size on the fly?

Edit: excluding FPS games!
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I've never known this, quite unique!
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I knew about Flink but not Captain Planet.

I'm sure I've come across maybe 2 - 3 others in my Amiga game playing but forgot exactly what they were... and not prepared to go through 2800 games to find out
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I'd imagine it is quite rare, because (as a game developer) I can say that a lot of gameplay is based around the visible "area" around the character
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Only game i know of that has resizable view window is Colonization, and there are tight limits.
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Solo Kazuki
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Actually some Maxis games have windows and scaling ability, e.g. RoboSport, Sim Ant, Sim City 2000...
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Yeah it was more to see non workbench style games, but from peoples memories it sounds like it was a pretty rare thing, i did go through other Mindscape games to see if any others are the same, but no others the same.

Tony Crowther’s other game Phobia also has a NTSC/PAL switch and a high res mode so looks like he liked to give the player a good range of options, but seems so far only Captain Planet allowed window resizing outside the aforementioned genres.
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Gloom etc.
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