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Old 12 March 2003, 16:45   #1
Peter Leyland
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HDF files

Hi guys, I have a large number of CDs with tons of Amiga games and swag on them. I came across some files called HDFs but I don't know what I am suppose to do with them to make them run.
I have unpacked one game called 'Darkseed', from Zip into its own Directory, buts nowts happenin. Is there another means of unpacking Amiga HDFiles, like similar to ADF Blitzer?

I thank Yo
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Erm. Not tried any HDF games but I think you'd just go to the hard drives section in WinUAE and select add hard file...And it'll come up as a partition when you boot up WinUAE...assuming you have workbench installed that is
Somebody stop me if i'm wrong
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Old 12 March 2003, 17:08   #3
Peter Leyland
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What I have done is transfered the file over to my proper Amiga 1200 and unpacked it in the Amiga hard drive. I want it to work on my 1200.
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Mr Creosote
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I'm not aware of any tools which would write back HDF files back to native Amiga format instantly. You could load the HDF file along with a 'file system' in UAE though and copy the contents of the HDF over to the 'file system'. Then, you zip up the new directory on your PC, transfer it to your Amiga and extract it there.
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Does anyone know the format/structure of a HDF file?

It should be possible to write a dosdriver for it if a suitable device driver (eg, hardfile, msm, messydisk etc.) could be found.
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Toni Wilen
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Does anyone know the format/structure of a HDF file?
HDFs were originally OFS/FFS formatted Amiga harddrive partition images but recent WinUAE versions also support full harddrive images (with RDB) and custom Amiga filesystems. (SFS etc..)
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The simplest way would be to extract the files on the PC using ADF Opus then transfer the files to your A1200.

You could also try mounting the HDF files using fmsdisk.device (or one of the other ones Severin mentioned), but you would need to be able to work out the number of cylinders for each HDF image...

If you already have so many Amiga games you could also try installing it from disks
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HDF´s can also be mounted on a real Amiga using FMS (Aminet) .... TSGui can also read/write HDF Files
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