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copy / backup Casablanca floppies with Kryoflux ?

So I have this Kryoflux here that I got to use from a friend while archiving the last bits of the #Bamiga collection and suddenly I remembered why I actually wanted to use one a year ago or so .... the floppies of my casablanca.

Well great, I have a Kryoflux here and of course a pile of casablanca floppies that are irreplaceable.

But I have NO clue what to do. Linux, commandline and what not ... I am an Amigan, because it had a workbench and gui :-)

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Kryoflux dtc.exe has a Java GUI (kryoflux-ui.jar) so i guess that should work in Linux too.
You can dump it in CT Raw Image and perhaps also KryoFlux stream files, preservation
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Theres kyroflux for the amiga now as well, so you could always install that on your amiga and dump them using the amiga?
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So I managed to get a working image that I can use to reinstall my casablanca from. I used Kryoflux Stream File preservation and did write the file back to a disk using the Wildewutz gui as found on their website. If someone's interested in taking a look to the image ... here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8qf8fhbt59...ldisk.zip?dl=0
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