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Got interested in Amibian for the Pi3 and on faceBook came across the developer for Amibian.js which is not the same thing at all. It's Amiga emulation in pure java script you can run from anywhere (browser). OK what??!?!

From the developer:
Jon Aasenden : ""Amibian" is for the raspberry PI. It is a distro that allows you to boot into UAE4Arm and basically turns your PI into an Amiga.
"Amibian.js" is an Amiga desktop implementation for the browser. It also uses node.js on the server - which makes it highly portable, fast and it will boot on anything from your browser to your TV.
Amibian.js uses uae.js, which allows you to run Amiga games and applications in your browser directly. So these are very different projects - although they are connected (same mad bastards that works on it)"

I had to check it out and it blew my mind. Developer says there is a much improved update, this web server link should be updated sometime tomorrow.

Jon Aasenden : "Its a bit old, i need to push the code to the server. But im a bit tired now so tomorrow" .... "It gets better - soon you can code in C/C++ and Pascal right on the desktop. That is pretty fun "

LogIn is default Amibian LogIn (as well as others): Pi/raspberry

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I've fiddled with amibian.js several times but each time I failed to grasp the purpose of it ...
Maybe it's me but isn't this just a "windowing" interface resembling OS4 that loads other webcontent into iframes? (quake, plex, uae , ...)
Ok, it connects to your local server if you have that running to access local files but I can't seem to figure out what so special about it or why it has anything to do with the Amiga, other than the looks.

Or is it just a demo that you can code in a high level language like Pascal and compile it into javascript?
Of course I totally want it to be awesome so probably I'm missing something :-)
Anyone care to explain?
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