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2 MB Zip Ram - 60 ns - für z.B Amiga 3000, Oktagon usw.

I grabbed this RAM for like $40 US. (which sounds not too bad including shipping based on what I've read in other posts).

Here are the pages I'm looking at: http://amiga.resource.cx/photos/phot...es=med&lang=en


I see the "zip fast ram" labeled on the mini-schematic on the 2nd page. I know it goes there, but I am reading in different posts that you have to line it up a certain way. And as listed in post name it's 60 ns. I already know I have to take everything out to get at that spot on the motherboard, which is why I would use this opportunity to get the battery out too. It's nasty but it isn't critical yet (it'll be out within a week!).

According to showconfig:
RAM: Node type $A, Attributes $505 (FAST), at $7C00000-$7FFFFFF (4.0 meg) is what is reported for fast RAM.

I'm not sure what to ask... I want to make sure I take out what RAM I need to take out if it shipped with RAM that is not 60 ns. I know you can't use different speeds of RAM. Let me know what to do please and just refer me to those pics up there on those sites to make it easier. Did I buy the best type of RAM I could've bought?

(the reason I bought the extra RAM is it is running out instantly when I use the Merlin gfx card with it, and is running out easily when I use it with regular Amiga gfx output. i also don't really know if there is any reason to use OS 3.9. it seems like it eats up more memory than it's worth.)
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You can mix ram speeds, as long as the ram is the same configuration and is faster than the least speed the system needs it will all work.

If your system needs 60nS ram and you have a stick of 50nS and a stick of 60nS they can be mixed but a 70nS cannot, it's too slow for the machine for instance.
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Also, put the slowest RAM chips on the first slot location on each filled bank, so the autoconfig will make the all the chips working on the slowest available chip speed.

Remember you can force a faster chip to work in slow mode with no problems.

On an ideal world, you'll can swap all the chips to one single speed, but this is not really a necessity.
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This job was successful. What I did according to instructions from a friend was to put RAM of the same speeds on the same block and I'd be ok. He said if I put 2 pieces of the zip RAM of different speeds on the same block it wouldn't work. I didn't know for sure the speed of the old RAM so I took those out of their original slots and moved them all over the the left blocks, so 4 MB of the old ram, or RAM that came with it (whose speed I didn't know for sure) on the left block, and the 4 MB of the new RAM that I bought on the right. Booted right up and the RAM was addressed properly.
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