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Originally Posted by chip View Post
I'm talking of the "stereo" player, the USB which i have on my little stereo

That one recognizes only MP3

Well, i know, i wanted record to MP3 in a direct way, but i don't want install anything

No idea what installation programs can do to my system

Since my request IS NOT essential ( i can always do a two steps process ) i renounced to the task

But, hey, really thanks for all your time
It's not accurate for anyone to say it's not possible to hear the differences between 320 MP3 and 128 MP3 vs Wave, FLAC, or APE. Because "most people" don't hear the differences doesn't mean everyone is that way. Many people lack focus about many things, doesn't mean no one is able to focus. I can hear the difference in 320 MP3, but I started with records and other sounds and played around with audio a lot when Amiga 1000 through A4000 as well as Windoze editors. I detect conversations/sounds when in a restaurant (and other situations) that most don't..(and I've asked).

You have a lack of trust when it comes to your Windoze OS. I understand that... I'm picky as well. Haha. There are a lot of junk installs out there but also a lot of honest installs. I thought it was funny about your stereo player, I knew what you meant. Where you downloaded LAME from, wasn't there information about Registering it with Windoze? That's often required for anything going into System32. Which also happens from install packages that are honest.

Either way, best wishes.
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Thanks for reply AC/DC HACKER

But i renounced at the task, as i already said

Anyway, about registering the lame dll to the system, i tried a little, but i failed

As you said, probably the installation package do the "right" work

No problem here, i just can continue to convert from .WAV to .MP3
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I used to record Amiga audio onto MP3s created with WinLAME: I would use a CD-quality WAV, then edit and trim the files, and then convert them to 160ABR in the end, I amassed quite a collection.

Of course, this was back when I had an obsession with collecting audio files that I would listen to via portable non-iPod players, and I went through a dozen of them before my Android phone which simplified the whole process. But in the end, I ditched all of my MP3 recordings and just went for "live" emulation instead. Not before I tried MP4 videos, but that's another story.
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I did like Foebane, so just don't care anymore of my initial request

Indeed i stopped to create MP3s

I strongly prefer to listen directly to the real demo/game music

Furthermore for creation of MP3s i need to listen to the module 5 times

1 time during the demo/game playback
1 time during EaglePlayer playback
1 time during EaglePlayer recording
1 time during MP3 playback
1 time during stereo playback

Too much time needed, so better to avoid a process like that
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By the way @chip, in my previous post I forgot to mention but some players can also play AAC-LC (even if not mentioned in the manual).
Maybe give a try with your player. At same bit rate you should have a better result than MP3.
You can AAC-LC encode with ffmpeg.
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Thanks for suggest malko, i will check it
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