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Hi everyone,

I am back with good news in this case!
I solved my virtual disk drive setup with winuae.

Here's what I did:
1. I copied adf #1 to disk 1; and adf #2 to disk 2.

2. I inserted disk 1 and loaded adf #1 into slot 1 in the diskswapper, then adf #2 into slot 2. I only activate DF0 in the Floppy drive section.

3. I start winuae with no floppies loaded, which is nice because I get to see this nostalgic hand-holding-disk image

4. I push END+1 to load disk swapper slot 1 into the floppy drive. (Push END+2 for loading the second adf when the disk has been inserted)

Voila! The game is loading without any 'selecting the adf to load first'.

I must say that it's still a little sketchy with the floppy drive, because it first needs to load the adf to emulate from the disk drive and then execute it in WinUAE.

But I'm getting closer here!
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Hmm i can understand why you would want this but the process you describe isn't remotely like as easy as how you would do this on a real Amiga ie put game in and wait for it to load.I think it's fair enough what you want here but only if you got a result similar to the real thing.Pressing this and that etc before the game finally starts to load isn't surely getting close to what you want so how could that honestly satisfy

The fact that we're using emulators anyway means we can't in any way replicate that same feel because it's running on the pc right in front of us.It's not like we could be fooled by it somehow but i'm guessing your goal isn't this so much

We all have strange things we like to do i guess and were it something like what you describe here that was able to get me closer to that authentic real Amiga feel, while on a pc emulator, then i would perhaps do this, but this method borders more on absurd
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If you're going to be pressing buttons there's no need to even put the adfs on disk.

This is such a stupid thread! bwhahahahahahah.
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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Er... I never used the word stupid btw I meant that it has no 'objective' sense to do it, thus 'pointless'
IMO that whole thread is pointless.
It's been a while since I had to perform so many "WTF?! "'s in one thread.
It's all Chinese to me.

Or, admittedly: I'm too stupid for this thread.
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Originally Posted by andreas View Post
IMO that whole thread is pointless.
Well... er... yes

Originally Posted by andreas View Post
It's been a while since I had to perform so many "WTF?! "'s in one thread.
I think I get the idea of the thread, but admittedly the OP lost me a few times. It seems like he's getting closer to whatever he wants to achieve and I hope he doesn't destroy any rare disks along the way
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But the thread's tags make up for all that.
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