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What's the longest music composition ever on the Amiga?

A totally random and pointless question justed popped into my head, probably placed their by Aliens or something, and that question was:

What is the longest music ever composed on the Amiga in:
  1. Games
  2. Demos

In games, is it perhaps The Settlers? How long was that damn tune anyway?
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Settlers was about 30mins
J.O.E.S demo was quite long.. not sure how long but long all the same (17mins maybe)
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Old 04 December 2007, 20:30   #3
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Nebulous by Audiomonster was a long one.

Jesus on E's technically isn't 17 mins, because they are all separate modules, and you can spot the breaks in each module.

Same as Digital Concerts really.
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Old 05 December 2007, 20:20   #4
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I'm not sure it's even possible to answer that question, do tunes that loop forever count? :P

Tubular Bells Part 1 by T.D.K./Melon from Sploosh is 16:21, OK it's a cover but it's the longest I can recall from memory.

Frankly mixes like J.O.Es or Alcatraz's Project Techno (35:07 BTW) are a cheap shot as they aren't really compositions but a mix of other people's tunes on top of the reason Galahad pointed out.
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Old 06 December 2007, 07:21   #5
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There is a module which in my collection is named as Crusaders. I can't remember where it is from (which demo) but it lasts for about 20 minutes. It has 89 patterns.
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Tony Landais
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I think The Settlers ingame was the longest with Alienbreed title screen full version. Both around 25 minutes
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Old 13 December 2007, 18:38   #7
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:mailman: Thats probably Neodrink, by Fleshbrain. Could possibly b the longest protracker mod. Pt cud only hold 127 tracks if I remember rightly. Jesper Kyds Hardwired music used all 127, but at some ridiculous speed that wasnt even necessary 4 the majority of it. It was either speed f02 or f03. So even tho it used all available track space, it didnt take long 2 shoot thru each track.

Neodrink on the other hand, is at speed... (hmm) f06? The default speed. So it is around 12 or 13 minutes long. No doubt, twice as long as the hardwired mod. (As a roundabout guess)

J.O.E doesnt count, as Galahad says, its about 10 seperate modules. If this counts, then 1 that we made called Digital scream beats that lol, weighing in at 22 mins.
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